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A PRWA System Membership is a valuable time and money saving tool for all of Pennsylvania’s water and wastewater systems, whether privately or publicly owned.  The PRWA Staff is ready and equipped to help your community or utility face the most complex challenges and regulations in the industry with resources, discounts, technical assistance, and legislative support.  All water and wastewater systems of 15,000 or less are eligible to join PRWA as voting members while larger systems can join as non-voting members.*

Here are just 10 of the countless benefits PRWA has waiting for you!

1)  Technical Training at Reduced Rates:  Members enjoy discounted fees for all events including PRWA Trainings, held throughout the year, all around Pennsylvania and online.  The majority of our classes are approved for DEP contact hours and are open to operators, board members, agencies, and office staff.

2)  On-Site Technical Assistance:  The PRWA field staff provides water and wastewater training and on-site technical assistance to PRWA members and nonmembers year-round. When a member seeks assistance, one of these experts is notified, free of charge, to help resolve the problem.  The  PRWA professional field staff can assist your system in many ways, including but not limited to:

  • Leak detection training
  • Line / valve location training
  • Preventative maintenance
  • Needs assessments
  • Reporting
  • Emergency response assistance
  • Rate analysis
  • Laboratory procedures
  • Hands-on technical assistance
  • Personalized instruction and training
  • Regulatory or financial assistance

     AND MORE…

  • Water Conservation assistance including water audits, lead and copper analyzing, troubleshooting, safety requirements, field meter testing, sampling/testing assistance and instruction.
  • Water / Wellhead protection services including delineation, public presentation, groundwater demonstrations, the distribution of training materials and the development of a protection plan using community input.
  • Wastewater technical assistance including smoke detection services, video camera usage, treatment plant troubleshooting, and evaluation capabilities.
  • Ground Water (Source Water) Assistance
  • Surface Water Intrusion Protocol Assistance
  • Cross Connection Control Assistance

3)  Subscription to the PRWA Quarterly Magazine:  The Keystone Tap Magazine will keep your system up to date on issues facing the water and wastewater industry.  Columns by our staff members and other experts address technical, managerial and legal matters of interest to all of Pennsylvania’s utilities.

4)  Use of PRWA Testing/Technical Equipment:  At no charge, members can borrow leak detectors, line locators, and metal detectors.

5)  PRWA Financial Services:  Call PRWA today to discuss any of the following programs:

  • PRWA Billing & Collections
  • PRWA Loans & Leases
  • PRWA Insurance
  • PRWA Swiftreach: Public notification system
  • eNETPAY: Online credit card and check processing

6)  Training Notices:  Receive training class notifications and register for classes by direct mail, in our publications, or through  Location addresses, directions, and are provided for your convenience.  You can easily pay your registration fees online or by mail with a check or credit card.  With PRWA, you won’t need to worry about missing out on your contact hours again!

7)  Annual Technical Conference:  This event offers operators a chance to collect many contact hours while enjoying one of the largest exhibits of water and wastewater service companies.  Throughout the week attendees look forward to cutting-edge training sessions, networking, live entertainment, banquets, and promotional giveaways.

8)  PRWA Interactive Website:  PRWA offers a full-featured website so members have everything they need at their fingertips all on one site:

  • Print your training certificates
  • Check your contact hours
  • Create a homepage for your system
  • Read about the latest news and regulations
  • Print out CCR templates and more
  • Post your own employment / for sale classifieds

9)  Lobby Programs on the State and Federal Level.  PRWA works on your behalf to support legislation beneficial to you, and opposes bills detrimental to the industry. An individual or system will combine with another, and another, to form a river of information that has the potential to change how regulations are created for rural and small water and wastewater systems.

10)  Positive contact with other organizations and authorities:  We are in constant contact and work closely with, Department of Health Services, U.S. EPA, PA DEP, small systems Interagency Companies and Rural Development, to name a few.

These and other membership benefits are open to everyone who joins the PRWA team of water and wastewater professionals. You will find that the savings and resources available through our many programs more than offset the cost of our membership dues. So if you aren't currently a PRWA member, we hope you will join us soon.  Call (800) 653-PRWA(7792) for additional information.


# Connections or taps

Single System

Dual System

0 - 150



151 - 1500



1501 - 5000



over 5000



 The PRWA Promise

If you are not 100% satisfied with your membership after one full year, we will refund every cent of your first year’s dues!  It’s a risk-free guarantee!

**This Membership is based on the year and month joined and dues are payable by the 1st of the month joined of each year thereafter. Membership begins on the day that PRWA receives a membership application and payment. These dues are not tax deductible.


Purchase a membership online

Mail or fax a printable application form.  

*A PRWA System Membership is the voting membership in the Association and shall be State Associations consisting of Water and Wastewater districts, Non-Profit Corporations, Public Trusts, Cooperative Associations, Municipalities 15,000 and under population, and Local Government Authorities, and other similar organizations engaged in the distribution and/or development and treatment or water or collection and treatment of wastewater for the benefit of rural residents.

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