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Pennsylvania Rural Water Association is now offering online courses in conjunction with SunCoast Learning Systems, Inc.  New PA DEP regulations require PA DEP Contact Hours for all water and wastewater operators. Through PRWA Online Learning you now have the freedom to learn from home, the office, or your local library.  Training can be accessed directly from your personal computer using your Internet connection.  Consider the benfits of online learning and review the frequently asked questions.

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Five Courses Available

1. Basic Wastewater - PaDEP #2260 for 10 WW Contact Hours: $225

This course introduces the student to wastewater processes, including, wastewater collection and flow, preliminary, primary, and secondary treatment. The course also covers disinfection through chlorination, hypochlorination, dechlorination and other disinfection alternatives. The student is also introduced to the types of micro-organisms found in the process, aerobic and anaerobic sludge digestion, diseases and sampling techniques.  The course modules include: Introduction to Basic Wastewater, Summary of Wastewater Processes, Wastewater Testing Methods, Activated Sludge Troubleshooting, Types of Micro-organisms, Aerobic and Anaerobic Sludge Digestion, Wastewater Math, Wastewater Diseases, and Wastewater Sampling and Compliance.

2. Basic Water Works - PaDEP #1754 for 10 Water Contact Hours: $225

This course introduces the student to the relationship between potable drinking water and health, and the important role the water operator plays in maintaining a safe and ample supply of drinking water.  An overall view of the water cycle is presented together with a general description of the responsibilities of water utility personnel and the need for regulation of the water industry to protect the public health, safety, and welfare. A general introduction to the source, characteristics, production, treatment, disinfection, storage, and distribution of potable water is presented, together with instructions on general hazards and safety practices.  Basic water chemistry and math skills are developed and applied to the water industry.  The course modules include: Getting Started and Appendix, Introduction, Operation of the Water Utility, Water Characteristics, Water Quality Standards, Disinfection, Groundwater and Wells, Surface Water Production, Distribution, and Safety.

3. Chlorinator Systems & Chemical Handling - PaDEP #2049 for 10 Water and WW Contact Hours: $225

This course covers the properties of chlorine, its purpose in the public water system, terminology, dosage calculations, cylinders, maintenance, and troubleshooting common problems. The course modules include: Getting Started and History of Chlorination, Chemical Handling and Safety, Physical and Chemical Properties of Disinfectants, Process Applications, System Types, Injectors/Ejectors, Containers and Connections, Gas Chlorinators and Switchovers, Maintenance and Troubleshooting, and Chlorination Math.

4. Pumps & Motors - PaDEP #627 for 10 Water and WW Contact Hours: $225

This course contains information on developing a maintenance program, electric motors and motor controls, centrifugal pump mechanics and hydraulics, lubrication and bearings, compression packing, mechanical seals, positive displacement pumps and other types of pumps, and safety around pumps and motors.  The course modules include: Getting Started and Introduction, Developing a Maintenance Program, Prime Movers: Electric Motors and Motor Controls, Centrifugal Pump Mechanics, Centrifugal Pump Hydraulics, Lubrication, Bearings, Compression packing, Mechanical Seals, Positive Displacement Pumps, Special Pumping Units, and Water Utilities Safety.

5. Water Utility Safety - PaDEP #2046 for 10 Water and WW Contact Hours: $225

A comprehensive safety course for water utility workers that includes an introduction to safety concepts and programs. The course modules include: Getting Started and Appendix, Intro to Water Utility Safety, Personnel Protective Equipment, Back Safety, Hazard Communication and Chemical Safety, Laboratory Safety, Biological Hazards, Confined Space Safety, Emergency Response, Electrical Safety, Trench Safety, and Work Zone Safety.


Benefits of Online Learning

Industry studies have shown employee-training budgets for most water and wastewater utilities are tighter than ever.  Web-based operator certification and license renewal training provides employers and their employees the flexibility to take training courses at their own pace without the hassle and cost of attending live classes.  Studies show online training can be as effective as, or even more effective than, live classroom instruction, correspondence or CD-ROM-based courses.  Plus, online training is more convenient, less expensive and easier to manage.

No Travel Cost - Water and wastewater utilities can save a significant amount of money using e-Learning versus having employees travel great distances in order to attend instructor-led classroom training.  Just think of the time and money that can be saved by not having the expense of a hotel, meals, and the lost productivity of your employee’s time.

Convenience of Anytime, Anywhere Training
- Students can log onto e-Learning courses at home or office, day or night.  In order to access e-Learning, all you will need is a computer with a 56k or better Internet connection.

Self-Paced Lessons
- Students move through the e-Learning courses at their own pace.  A quiz at the end of most modules reinforces the student’s knowledge of the subject matter.  Students who master 70 percent of the material in each module will advance to the next. The e-Learning system allows a student to exit and return to the course at any time.

Easy to Use - e-Learning courseware is very user-friendly and is designed to keep the attention of the student through the use of charts, graphs, and other interactive technology.

Variety of Courses Available
- Water and wastewater operators registering for e-Learning courses will have a menu of courses from which to choose.  We are constantly adding and updating courseware to reflect changing industry needs and regulations.

Automated Course Tracking - Automated tracking of student progress and completion of classes is easy to access and manage.  Information is readily available to the student or employers and customized reports can be printed.


Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register for an e-Learning class?  Click on the above link, "PRWA Online Learning," which will take you to the e-Learning registration form.  The registration form will provide you with instructions for registering as a new student. You should have your credit card available to pay for the course online. You will select a personal User Name and Password to use each time you log onto the training site.

What does an e-Learning course cost?
The courses currently offered are $225.00 for 10 Contact Hours which equals 10 hours of course instruction.

Do you accept credit card payment online? Credit card is the only means of payment.  We accept payment online by MasterCard, Visa, Discover, and American Express.  All online transactions are encrypted and processed on a secure server.

Must I complete the course at once or can I come back at a later date?
Once you are enrolled in an e-Learning course, you will have 12 months in which to complete the course. You may take the course at your pace and access it 24/7 at your convenience.

Do you track my courses and credit hours online? Yes, the e-Learning Management System software tracks your registration, enrollments, time in course, quiz scores, and course status (Not Taken, Incomplete, Completed, etc.). You may access your student history and course progress whenever you log on to the system.

What if I don't pass the course, will I be able to take it again?  The e-Learning system requires a student master at least 70 percent of each course module containing a quiz before moving on to the next module. If you fail a quiz, you may review the material and retake the quiz as often as necessary to achieve a passing score.

If I have questions about the course material, how do I get it answered?  Students can contact PRWA with questions at 800-653-PRWA or SunCoast Learning Systems, Inc. at 1-800-269-1181 for help.

Do I receive a certificate indicating I have passed the course?
  Yes, upon completion of the course and passing all quizzes, PRWA will provide you with a written certificate indicating the name of the course and hours of credit earned.


Access Online Learning with PRWA / Suncoast by Clicking This Link