The Backflow program with PRWA provides backflow tester training, certification, and management level training for beginning and maintaining a backflow program in your water utility as required by the PA DEP Public Water Supply Manual. Find training hereRequest information here.

The Fleet Vehicle program with PRWA through NRWA provides an opportunity to purchase new vehicles at Contract Fleet Pricing without the hassle of traditional auto buying.  Our program is very simple and easy to use. When you order your vehicle through Rural Water Fleet Central, your vehicle will be ordered direct from the factory and built to your specifications. It will then be shipped to a local dealership in your area for final inspection and servicing at no additional cost.  Request information here.

The GIS System Mapping program with PRWA provides distribution and collection system mapping.  This premium service is offered to member and non-member systems with discount pricing for members.  The service includes consultation, geocoding points, printed and electronic maps, and permanent filing as required by law.  Request quote and information here.  Additional hard copy maps are $50 - wall map, and $75 - field map.  Check out our short video introduction.

The Pennsylvania Rural Water Association is proud to provide PRWA Financial Services. We have developed a professional line of Financial products and services designed to exactly match the needs of your rural water utility.  These products include loans, equipment leasing, collections, business insurance, online payment processing, and more. Request information here or consider a webinar here.

Forty-five minutes of FREE legal counsel for PRWA Members!  Scott and his law firm have a long relationship with PRWA and years of experience representing water and wastewater utilities in regulatory and commercial matters. Scott works to provide PRWA members with helpful legal advice on issues as they arise.  Request information here.

The Source Water Protection program with PRWA helps communities to develop source water protection plans.  These plans guide water utilities through the process of identifying potential threats to public drinking water and water utility facilities and outline plans of action in advance of problems.  PRWA will work with any system interested in protecting their groundwater supply. There is no charge for the PRWA services provided.  Request information here.  Or let us know what you are already doing for Source Water Protection so we can better help you.  Download and complete our SWAP - Assist questionnaire, PDF or MS Word format.  Email the completed questionnaire to or fax to 814-353-9341.  Thank you! 

The Pennsylvania Rural Water Association offers specialized training sessions providing water and wastewater professionals opportunities to up-grade their skills, improve the quality of their utility's service and protect their communities' health. Our classes compliment the valuable training we already offer through our annual conference.  PRWA is committed to making our courses both interesting and informative with an emphasis on practical applications of the information presented.  And nearly all PRWA training is DEP approved for continuing education contact hours for certified operators!  COURSES OPEN FOR REGISTRATION ARE LISTED IN THE NEW PRWA ONLINE STORE.    Request information hereTake our training survey herePropose a new training location here.

The Training Water / Wastewater program with PRWA provides specialized assistance in water and wastewater training needs, especially preparation for the DEP Operator Certification Exam.  Assistance may include guidance via phone, email, personal tutoring, and classroom training.  Request information here.

A Vulnerability Assessment is an EPA required review of your system to determine the impact of a terrorist attack or other intentional act aimed at disrupting your ability to service your customers. A free Vulnerability Assessment template is available through PRWA and will guide you through all the required assessments.    Request information here.

The Wastewater program with PRWA provides onsite technical assistance and training for wastewater treatment plant operators and managers.  Assistance may include help with treatment processes, inflow and infiltration detection, smoke testing, and counsel for management.  Request information here.

The Water program with PRWA provides onsite technical assistance and training for drinking water system operators and managers.  Assistance may include help with treatment processes, leak detection, CCRs, and counsel for management.  Request information here.