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The Public Notification program with PRWA / Swiftreach provides the easy and effective solution for Pennsylvania water utilities that is both low cost and reliable.  Pa Water Utilities need an effective low cost way to contact their customers. Pa Rural Water and Swiftreach Networks have partnered to provide the solution.  Request information here or consider a webinar here.



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Since 1996 Swiftreach networks has been a powerful force in the communications industry providing innovative communications solutions for businesses, colleges, schools, and municipalities.  We are committed to providing unequivocal customer satisfaction, end-to-end reliability and redundancy, effortless scalability, and the lowest total cost of acquisition and operation.  The partnership forged between Pennsylvania Rural Water Association and Swiftreach Networks leaves only one sensible choice for Pennsylvania Water Utilities.  Sign up information below.  For more information call 1-800-653-PRWA, email, or complete the form below.  You can also learn more about the regulation on the PA DEP website,, key word 'public notification' or read a recent update here.

Jeff Alward and Joe Falcone are the PRWA Public Notification Specialists with the understanding and experience to help you with your questions.  They are eager to help you and your system.  For more information please contact Jeff and Joe below or request information here.

Key PRWA / Swiftreach documents are listed below.
Download these documents to learn more and apply.
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File Public Notification - EPA Edition of Drinking Water Standards - 2009.pdf07/21/10 3:08 pm640.2 KB
File Public Notification - PaDEP Certification Form.doc07/21/10 3:38 pm140 KB
File Public Notification - PaDEP Handbook 3800-BK-DEP4253.pdf07/21/10 3:08 pm923.63 KB
File Public Notification - PaDEP Tier Designations.doc07/21/10 3:38 pm27.5 KB
File Public Notification - PaDEP Update.pdf07/21/10 3:08 pm8.1 KB
File Public Notification - Templates.doc07/21/10 2:35 pm78 KB
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Public Notification Specialist
PRWA / Swiftreach

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Executive Director, Chief Financial Officer
Pennsylvania Rural Water Association
814-353-9302 ext 102
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