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Request for Qualifications

Professional Engineering Consulting Services

Attachment – Potential Project Descriptions & Scope

Port Royal Municipal Authority

The Port Royal Municipal Authority (PRMA) is seeking Qualification Packages from prospective engineering firms to provide the PRMA with engineering services related to their compliance with their Consent Order & Agreement.  The successful firm will be selected and enter into negotiations with the PRMA regarding the Final Scope, Schedule and Fee of any work.  The work could be multiple assignments throughout the period of Consent Order & Agreement Compliance beginning immediately through December 31, 2025.

Requested Information

Respondents are asked to provide a qualifications package which details your specific services and rates for employees through December 31, 2025 for services including:

  • Survey
  • Environmental & Civil Engineering
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Structural Engineering
  • HVAC Engineering
  • and all associated support services

Respondents are required to keep their responses to a maximum of 20 pages specific to Port Royal Municipal Authority, and to avoid unnecessary boiler plate or unrelated references.

Your Qualifications Package should include the following as a minimum:

  • One to Two Pages detailing the Project Manager and the respective lead Engineering Firm. Provide specific experience of the same relative to COA compliance, SBR WWTP Systems, and other issues related to PRMA.
  • One Page per sub consulting firm, providing a lead contact individual and firm experience related to PRMA.
  • Up to five pages detailing your approach to the potential scope of projects detailed herein.
  • Provide a draft project fee based upon your understanding and interpretation of the Project Description & Scope. This information may be used to further negotiate any project assignments.
  • Provide a rate schedule on a single page.
  • Provide any exclusions or exemptions you wish to put forth on one page.
  • Provide representative Terms & Conditions.
  • Provide copies of your insurance certificates.

Potential Project Descriptions & Scope

The Port Royal Municipal Authority (PRMA) has negotiated a Consent Order & Agreement (COA) with the PA DEP which will require the Authority to complete specific projects in order to comply with its COA.  All work envisioned by the COA is required to be completed on or before December 31, 2025.  The failure to do so will subject the Authority to fines from the PA DEP.

The Authority, in conjunction with their retained engineer, has solicited grants and aid from a variety of sources which could require an engineer to be competitively selected.  To maintain the eligibility for reimbursement of engineering fees, the Authority is conducting this open Request for Quotation (RFQ).

The potential projects include the following:

Milford Street Sewer Improvements:

The existing sewers between SR 333 and 8th Street, a distance of approximately 2000 linear feet, must be rehabilitated.  There are approximately seven manholes along this portion of the line.  The authority would like to verify that these sewers are not leaking within the main line and that the laterals are also devoid of leaks.  They also wish to rebuild the seven manholes.  This work would begin with a CCTV inspection and could include spot repairs or lining.  The Authority has applied for a grant from the DCED to get funding to line the entirety of these sewers.  If that grant becomes available, the Authority will do so.  Consultants should consider this information, which has very limited mapping, and provide their approach to completing this work.

Downtown Sewer Rehabilitation:

The Borough of Port Royal developed a sewer system long before the sanitary sewer system conveyed sewage to a treatment plant.  Building sewers were constructed in the older part of town which collected wastewater, roof drains, stormwater run off and conveyed all this water to discharges along Tuscarora Creek and the Juniata River.  In the 1950’s these sewers were all connected to the Sanitary Sewer System at what has been locally called “clean outs”.  These “clean outs” are various pipe fittings including 8”x8”x8” tees with the riser coming to the surface under a manhole lid.  The Authority has identified 10-12 of the worst case “clean outs”, along with 300 feet of laterals and 600 feet of main line sewer which should be reconstructed as part of this project.  The Authority has applied for a grant from the DCED to fund the project.  Consultants should consider this information, along with limited mapping, and provide their approach to completing this work.

1st Street Pump Station Upgrade:

The existing 1st Street Pump Station is currently a pair of submersible pumps, with an in-line grinder ahead of the wet well.  The wet well itself is above grade by approximately 10 feet.  The pump station controls are located at the top of the wet well, and the pumps have a permitted capacity of 600,000 gpd.  The new pump station would be expanded to include a second set of high flow pumps allowing the station to have a total capacity of 1,000,000 gpd.  The wet well would be expanded to have an equalization volume of approximately 150,000 gallons with consideration for solids deposition, mixing and odor control.  Access to the pump control panel should be improved by accessing the panel from the top of the new wet well.  A new vertical fine screen should be added to the system in place of the inline grinder.  Finally, the entire system would be constructed and the existing SSO removed once placed in operation.  The Authority has applied for a grant from the DCED to complete this project.  Consultants should consider this information and provide their approach to completing this work.

Bergstresser WWTP Upgrade:

The existing WWTP is an Aqua Aerobics SBR with Chlorination and Dichlorination.  Effluent flow is not measured, and the Authority currently collects grab samples within their oversized chlorine contact tanks to determine if disinfection and total residual chlorine limits are achieved.  This process has become an issue, as the flows are low enough overnight that decants stop until late morning, making the collection of and processing of samples problematic.  The Authority intends to install the following equipment to improve its disinfection system:

  • UV Disinfection
  • Effluent Flow Metering
  • Composite Sampler
  • Associated control modifications

This work may be funded by a Federal State and Tribal Agency Grant (STAG), which is currently under consideration.  Consultants should consider this information and provide their approach to completing this work.

Responses Due & Award

The PRMA is requesting qualification packages be submitted in triplicate on or before Wednesday, October 11, 2023.  The Authority will review submissions at their regularly scheduled Authority meeting on October 17, 2023 and may schedule interviews or make an award at that time.

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