Free Software for Rural Water Systems on Tight Budgets

Pennsylvania Rural Water Association seeks to help rural water utilities survive on tight budgets not only at the water and wastewater treatment plant, but also in the office. Here are a few suggestions from the PRWA webmaster on how to cut costs equipping your computer with software.  And even if you do not have a tight budget free open-source software may help you!

Open Office instead of MS Office for Word Processing and Spread Sheets -
Microsoft Software Free Add-ons -
Turn Your Printer & Scanner into a Photocopier -
Avast for Free or Low Cost Anti-Virus Protection -
DVDVideoSoft to Upload, Download, and Convert Media -
Gimp instead of Photoshop for Photo Editing -
Mozilla Firefox and Thunderbird for Web Browsers and Email -
PDFCreator to Create Your Own PDF files for Emailing -
PeaZip to Zip and Unzip Compressed Files -
Syncback for Computer Backups -
WinSCP as Your FTP Client to Upload and Download Files -
KompoZer instead of Dreamweaver for Websites -

These are just a few of the free software I use personally at home and in the office. You can investigate more free software yourself at and Just do your homework to make sure the software you select is not adware or spyware.