Waste Water Operator (Floater) Tyson Foods, Inc.

Please note: The pay is from $21.13 per hour to $31.07 per hour depending on certifications and experience.

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The Wastewater Operator is responsible for the basic operations of the water treatment facility.

Operator Hours: 1st shift (As a floater you may need to work 2nd or 3rd shift to cover vacation or any programmed absences.)

Operators work a 4-day work week of Sunday through Wednesday or Wednesday through Saturday. (As a floater you may be assigned to work either of the 2 work schedules.)

The nature of this work involves exposure to a variety of indoor and outdoor environmental conditions (i.e. wet, humid, cold, and hot, etc.)

Personal Protective Equipment such as safety glasses, gloves, aprons, face shields, respirators, ear protection and skid resistant boots are provided. Attendance is critical as the Treatment Plant is staffed by a small group of team members.

1. Continuously circulate through plant and monitor equipment and treatment process.

2. Monitor flow of wastewater and tank levels.

3. Perform tests at various stages of treatment and make adjustments as needed.

4. Mix and use treatment chemicals.

5. Report problems and/or discrepancies as soon as they happen to supervisor, next shift personnel, and processing plant managers.

6. Perform some laboratory work.

7. Perform scheduled clean-up and light maintenance duties.

8. Other duties as assigned.

Position Requires

1. Wastewater treatment plant operating experience strongly preferred.

2. Able to work with minimal or no supervision.

3. Good problem-solving skills, needs to be able to find solutions to wastewater treatment concerns.

4. Good math skills (i.e.: addition, subtraction, multiplication and division) Must be able to demonstrate the ability to perform the math skills needed for the position.

5. Able to learn and use work related computer software.

6. Good record keeping skills.

7. Detail oriented.

8. Able to learn methods and precise procedures used in operating and maintaining a wastewater treatment plant.

9. Able to work and communicate cooperatively with co-workers, being bilingual is not required but it is a benefit.

10. Flexibility as work schedules may change.

11. Available on-call to cover other shifts as needed.

12. Good work attendance record.

13. Must be able to document and read daily log book, read and understand the PaDEP discharge permit requirements as written.

14. Must be able to read and study guides to take the PaDEP state REQUIRED test.

15. High School diploma or GED required.

16. Must be self-motivated and able to anticipate and execute what needs to be done.

17. Successful completion of a series of wastewater books in accordance with Tyson's wastewater operator training policy will result in further progression of pay.

18. Must be 18 years of age or older.

19. Must be able to perform the essential job functions.


1. Must be able to lift 50 lbs regularly.

2. Able to ascend/descend stairs frequently.

3. Willing and able to wear personal protective equip