Chief Water Operator

Fredericksburg Sewer and Water Authority
Job Description
Position Title: Chief of Water Operations
Department: Operations
Supervisor: Operations Committee /Authority Board
Time Requirement: As required
Summary Description:
This employee is responsible as the primary Water Operator, supporting and general backup for the Chief of Wastewater Operations. Duties include but are not limited to general maintenance, daily testing and record keeping.
Essential Job Functions:
• Understanding of the proper operation of a water/wastewater treatment plant.
• Ability to perform basic laboratory tests such as pH, temperature, and chlorine residual as mandated by DEP.
• Ability to apply the results of testing to the process.
• Ability to make process control decisions.
• Ability to troubleshoot process problems.
• Keeping informed and up to date in areas such as operations, products and techniques.
• Grounds maintenance.
• Facility maintenance.
• Hydrant maintenance.
• Perform routine vehicle and equipment maintenance.
• Maintain facility security.
• Ensure accurate record keeping.
• Maintain confidentiality of internal matters pertaining to the Authority and its operations.
• Maintain an accurate and up to date filing system in a manner that facilitates timely and accurate retrieval.
• Meter reading and maintenance.
• Lift station maintenance.
• Ability to work safely in confined spaces.
• Ability to lift up to 50 lbs.
• Ability to climb of 100’
• Ability to work Holidays, weekends and emergency calls on a scheduled basis.
• Ability to work unsupervised.

Additional Duties:
• Assist with furnishing information to and consults with Engineers, Solicitors and other professional representatives as needed
• Assist with handling any situation that arises with property owners/customers as needed
• Perform other related work as required or assigned by the Operations Committee /Authority Board.
Qualifications, Skills and Knowledge:
• Required:
o Water / Wastewater operator license
o Class B CDL with required endorsements.
o High School Graduate or GED – college degree or certificate in municipal water and sewer operations field.
o Highly organized, detail oriented professional.
o Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
o Excellent customer service skills
o Skill in the use of a personal computer and the Microsoft Office suite of programs.
o A clear criminal record, demonstrated history of financial stability, and a good reputation both in the community as a whole and in past employment situations.
o Excellent interpersonal skills.
o The ability to work well with others.
o The ability to express ideas clearly and concisely, verbally and in writing.
• Desired:
o Experience in municipal water and sewer operations.
o Knowledge and experience in the area of public utility and municipal government.
o A willingness to learn new things and to accept challenging new responsibilities.