CLASS TITLE: Collection System Superintendent

CLASS DEFINITION: Has direct responsible charge of the operation, maintenance and construction of all public sanitary sewers and appurtenances in the service area of the University Area Joint Authority.

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES OF THE WORK: Provides technical expertise and overall supervision in carrying out the policies of the Authority with regard to the operation and maintenance of the entire collection system. Is responsible for overseeing and reviewing all new and proposed construction and co-ordination of land development procedures. Responsible for taking after hour calls by phone and directing staff to respond to all emergency call outs.

ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLES OF THE WORK: Administrates the overall collection system operation and maintenance effort, which provides the collection and transportation of wastewater to the Spring Creek Pollution Control Facility. Manages each function within the department to provide a safe and efficient operation. Keeps all records necessary to evaluate the operation of the system. Responsible for the solution of operational and specific problems which arise. Maintains an approach toward modernization and improvement of methods, which will result in the most efficient operation of the collection system. Plans, assigns, and supervises directly or through subordinates, the work of all personnel for the operation, maintenance, and construction of the sanitary sewer system. Is responsible for the hiring, training, and development of new personnel. Is responsible to work with the Purchasing Director on providing all materials, supplies and equipment required in the maintenance and safe operation of the collection system. Works with Engineers, Developers and Municipalities to secure and administer the land development policies and procedures of the Authority. Maintains adherence to the policies, regulations and standard specifications as developed and adopted by the Authority. Reviews all engineering proposals dealing with sub-division and land development. Reviews all proposed commercial and industrial connections to the system prior to the issuance of connection permits. Co-ordinates construction of new lateral connections to properties not previously connected. Communicates with customers and potential customers regarding problem situations and service availability. Co-ordinates work with PaDOT and the Municipalities within the service area, regarding paving and construction projects as related to Authority facilities affected by those projects. Is responsible for securing all permit requirements regarding occupancy of public rights-of-way for Authority facilities. Provides figures for budgetary consideration relating to the operation of the department. Submits a report of activities at all regular Authority Board meetings. Performs related work as required and assigned by the Executive Director.

SUPERVISION RECEIVED: Specific instructions and general supervision are received from the Executive Director.

SUPERVISION GIVEN: Supervision is given to all personnel assigned to the Collection System Maintenance Department. Authority may be delegated to the Assistant Superintendent or Field Operations Supervisor for the orderly disposition of duties.

REQUIREMENTS OF THE WORK: Thorough knowledge of construction, maintenance and operation of sanitary sewers and lift stations within the service area. Ability to supervise diversified personnel. To establish and maintain an effective working relationship with Authority Board Members, the Executive Director, Consulting Engineers, fellow staff members and subordinates. Must demonstrate the ability to understand and interpret administrative policies and utilize them in
the supervision of and instructions to subordinates. Must have expertise in all areas of concern relating to the effective management of each discipline under direction and supervision.

GUIDELINES AND DISCRETION: Primary guidelines consist of policies established and promulgated by the Board of the Authority. Specific programs may be determined by or with the counsel of the Executive Director, although the Superintendent has considerable freedom of action and is required to exercise administrative and responsible as well as technical judgement in the execution of the position.

EXPERIENCE AND EDUCATION: Minimum of high school or technical/vocational school graduation with experience in maintenance, operation and construction of sanitary sewers and lift stations. A Bachelor’s degree in civil or sanitary engineering is preferred, but extensive experience in the fields described above can be substituted. The minimum experience required is five (5) years in the wastewater collection field with at least three (3) years in a supervisory capacity. Must possess a PADEP-Class E, Wastewater Collection Operator license and a willingness and desire to assume the responsibility inherent in providing the public with effective, economical, and safe sanitary sewer service on a continuous and around-the-clock basis.