Lead Operator - Job Opportunity - Community Utilities of Pennsylvania, Inc

Community Utilities of Pennsylvania, Inc. is looking to hire a Lead Operator for the Tamiment, PA location. Please see brief job description below:

Job Summary

Under limited supervision, performs routine tasks related to the operation of a water/wastewater treatment facility. Responsible for maintaining plant compliance with EPA standards and state water Commission. Assists with training of other personnel and leading work crews. Demonstrates continuous effort to improve operations, decrease turnaround times, streamline work processes and works cooperatively to provide quality seamless utility service. Works with AM and RM to ensure continuity of processes, goals and vision of UI.

Essential Functions

- Oversees the operation and maintenance of water/wastewater treatment equipment, ensuring compliance with state and federal environmental protection
- Oversees the organization and delegation of team tasks.
- Develops and maintains operational records and prepares reports in compliance with regulatory standards.
- Oversees sampling and testing systems, and the functionality of pumps, conveyors, blowers and other equipment.
- Installs and repairs pumps, motors, valves and piping; diagnoses, repairs and clarifies aeration equipment, ion exchange bins, filtration equipment and other
major apparatuses.
- Monitors and samples well and groundwater upon entry to the system. Adjusts treatment levels when non-standard variances are detected. Samples water
prior to exiting system.
- Detects and reports atypical conditions, such as: identifying damaged, malfunctioning and tampered meters, detecting and reporting leaks, high/low
consumption, exposed wiring and other safety hazards.
- Cleans and maintains treatment plant, pumping stations and wells. Conducts ongoing repairs to equipment, or shuts down equipment for more extensive
maintenance and repair, activating alternate equipment as needed. Requests services of outside maintenance vendor for major repairs and overhauls.
- Activates pumps, valves and other processing equipment to move water through various treatment processes. Disposes of waste materials removed from
water in line with Company procedures and government controls.
- Implements emergency procedures in the event of overflow or spill of chemicals or unpurified water. Follows safety protocol and notifies local emergency
- Adds chemicals to water by predetermined formula. Maintains minimum inventory levels of these materials.
- Reads and interprets meters and gauges on central control panel, or at individual machines or stages in the treatment process. Adjusts controls as needed.
- Retrieves computer reports on treatment process.
- Prepares reports and maintains logs on meter readings, tests, chemical and equipment usage, and all other recordkeeping requirements; maintains various
- Company records and other reports as required by the state.
- Back-washes filters and basins; handles chlorine in a safe, effective manner; assures proper working order of chlorine-related equipment.
- Ensures regulatory compliance and adherence to Company policies and standards.
- Coordinates construction and excavation involved in system repairs; estimates required labor and materials; identifies equipment needed for all projects;
orders necessary parts.
- Maintains a safe working environment and reports safety concerns to Area Manager.
- Trains personnel in the areas of laboratory analysis, operations and maintenance procedures, as well as compliance to Company policies and procedures.
- Ensures all operators are equipped with necessary tools, parts and safety equipment to work effectively.
- Stays abreast of Federal, State and local regulations and environmental guidelines regarding water/wastewater treatment and distribution.
- Constant, independent travel daily between worksites on Company time.
- Must work On-Call in rotation as scheduled; responds to emergency situations as required.
- Performs other related duties as assigned.

Computer Skills

Required: MS Word, Excel; ability to learn internal software programs
Preferred: Outlook, Internet Explorer


Required: HS Diploma or GED


Currently holds the minimum licensing in order to be responsible operator in charge per state regulation, or holds the minimum licensing to be classified as an Operator II with the ability to attain minimum licensing to be responsible operator in charge within 1 year of employment; must maintain a valid driver's license.


Requires a minimum of 5 years progressive experience working in utility management or the utility industry. Requires knowledge and experience in the operations, maintenance and processes of water/wastewater treatment; knowledge of the controls, instrumentation and mechanical equipment in the utility industry; knowledge of standard practices, terminology and safety standards in the utility industry; thorough knowledge of local, state and Federal water/wastewater regulations; knowledge and experience with the materials and chemicals used in these treatment processes.

Travel Required

Within service area.


May include weekend scheduling; on-call, emergency call duty and paid overtime may be required. Requires 24 hour responsiveness to various situations.

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