Maintenance Utility Employee

Maintenance Utility Employee – Fulltime Position

Middlesex Township Municipal Authority is currently searching for a
initiative-taking person to join our team to serve our water and sewer customers. The Maintenance Employee will have responsibility in maintaining the water distribution and sewage collection systems, municipal owed buildings, grounds, and facilities, and municipal owned vehicles.

This position will have a lucrative staring hourly wage, as wells as company paid health care, municipal retirement plan, 2 weeks starting paid vacation, sick days, 12 paid holidays, long-term and short-term disability, life insurance, eye and dental reimbursement, and a uniform allowance.

Resumes can be submitted to the Authority Manager at [email protected] and inquiries can be made to the Manager at 717-243-0674.

Deadline for submitted resumes is May 25, 2022.

MTMA Job Description
Maintenance Utility Employee

General Summary: This is an hourly paid position. Position is responsible for maintenance of the water distribution system, sanitary sewage collection system, municipal owned buildings, grounds and facilities, and all municipal owned vehicles. This position requires self-motivation and the ability to work without direct supervision.


1. Minimum high school education.
2. Have a Valid Pennsylvania Drivers License.
3. Good mechanical skills and basic knowledge of all areas of concern such as electrical, plumbing, pumps, gas and diesel motors and hydraulic systems.
4. An ability to work while not under supervision.
5. Have the ability to obtain a Minimum Water Certificate Class B, with Sub-Class 11 & 12.
6. Have the ability to obtain a Minimum Sewer Certificate for Collection System.
7. Have a basic of Microsoft Word, Excel and Outlook.
8. Have good written and verbal skills.
9. Have the ability to establish and maintain a working relationship with the Authority’s water and sewer customers and to also have the ability to work in a professional manner with Authority and Township staff.


1. Perform weekly daily checks and record water usage at (or as required on rotating weekend shifts) Water Meter House #1 (Trindle Road) and perform required chlorine readings.
2. Perform weekly daily checks and record water pumped, hour meter readings, chlorine readings, tank level at Water Reservoir # 1 (or as required on rotating weekend shifts) record chlorine readings and pump hour meter readings daily.
3. Perform weekly daily checks (or as required on rotating weekend shifts) and record water usage and test chlorine residual daily.
4. Perform weekly daily checks and record water usage (or as required on rotating weekend shifts) at Water Meter House #2 (Meadowbrook Farms Development) and test chlorine residual.
5. Perform weekly daily startup of Well #1 (or as required on weekend rotating shifts) as directed. Record pump hour reading, static well level, turbidity readings, chlorine testing record emergency generator status and record results by following the Standard Operating Procedures established by the Chief Operator.
6. Assist with flushing of the water distribution system, as directed by the Chief Operator in order to maintain proper chlorine residuals in the system and record gallons flushed.
7. Have the ability to make repairs to distribution and or collection system as needed.
8. Make periodic checks of both the water distribution and collection system for leaks and proper flow to insure, no disruption in service occurs.
9. Assist in maintaining Authority owned buildings and grounds.
10. Assist in maintaining all Authority owned vehicles.
11. Have the ability to install new water meters and remote readers.
12. Perform inspections of new water and or sewer services as needed or as directed by the Manager or the Assistant Manager.
13. Check all Authority owned Pump Stations on a daily basis or as required during weekend rotations.
14. Responded to PA One Calls and mark Authority Owned Facilities, as required when on-call or in the absence of the Chief Operator.
15. Keep accurate records of all new water and or sewer service installations, and any repairs made on existing services, and or mainlines. Record all information on
as-constructed drawings.
16. Ability to be available 24 hours a day in case of emergency situations.
17. Ability to work rotating weekend shifts.

Job Classification:
Full Time/Non-Exempt.