Operator - Drinking Water

Capital Region Water is seeking an Operator for its Drinking Water Department. Below is a brief description of the position. For more details, please refer to the job description attached.

Work involves but is not limited to the following: operates and controls equipment and processes at The Dr. Robert E. Young Water Services Center and related facilities to control the processing of the water supply for distribution Monitors and reports all day-to-day operational and process data as well as any observed malfunctions and abnormalities. Observes variations in operating conditions and interprets meter and gauge reading and laboratory test results to determine process requirements. Measures, prepares, and adds any chemicals needed for the required treatment of the water supply for distribution and operates the equipment necessary to accomplish this task, including one-ton chlorine cylinders, ammonia feed systems and dry chemical feed systems. Remains alert and reacts appropriately to audio and/or visual alarms on vehicular equipment, gas detectors and other alarm systems. Collects water samples at specified points in the treatment process and performs the required laboratory analysis. Performs custodial, maintenance and preventive maintenance duties necessary for normal plant operations. Maintains regular, punctual and predictable attendance. Reports to work and remains at work in a productive condition, which includes not being under the influence or impaired by the use of alcohol and/or drugs. Establishes and maintains an effective working relationship with supervisors, co-workers and the general public. Completes all assignments in an efficient, consistent and timely manner. Employee must be able to lift 60lbs. May have to perform personnel rescue.

To apply, please visit https://capitalregionwater.com