Part Time WWTP Operator

Northern Lebanon County Authority (NLCA)
400 Jonestown Road
Jonestown, PA 17038
[email protected]

Job Description for NLCA Part Time Operator

Hours per week: Approximately 10-20 depending upon available workload (morning availability is preferred)

Number of Days per week: Approximately 2-5 depending upon schedule

Weekends: Work Saturday and Sunday every 3rd weekend (approximately 2 hours per day, time of day is somewhat flexible)

Hourly Rate: Negotiable depending on experience and availability

Needs valid driver’s license with excellent driving record, ability to lift 50 lbs., ability to climb stairs multiple times per day, ability to pass criminal background check

The following duties would be performed under direct supervision of a licensed operator:

Assist operators with all tasks associated with operating and maintaining a .75 MGD wastewater treatment facility and 8 sewage pump stations including maintenance of the entire collection system including gravity lines and force mains.

Perform and record daily analytical equipment calibrations

Perform and record required daily NPDES testing

Perform and record daily control testing associated with the activated sludge process

Participate in process control decisions with a licensed operator based on analytical results

Record daily and weekly flow totals at WWTP

Daily checks on all equipment associated with the treatment process and log results on appropriate charts

Monitor all chemical feed systems on site and record data

Keep a written daily operations log of all process control decisions made including but not limited to; DO levels, waste sludge rates and amounts, current chemical usage and feed rates and any other information needed for effective operation of the treatment plant

Collect samples for required bi-weekly NPDES testing requirements and coordinate pickup with an accredited contract laboratory

Participate in any site inspections performed by regulatory agencies

Assist Authority Secretary with tasks on an as needed basis

Work directly with contractor and Authority engineer to facilitate any and all repairs needed upon inspection of collection system work

Record flow data, hour meter readings and any other data necessary to assure proper and continuous operation of all pump stations

Test on a regular interval all backup systems including but not limited to; stand by engines, generators, air compressors and level controllers

Repair or notify operator to arrange for immediate repair of any defective equipment found during daily site visits

Perform routine maintenance on all plant equipment following manufacturer recommended service intervals

Clearly mark all sewer mains and laterals if necessary for all PA One Calls received within the service area

Perform grounds and basic building maintenance at the plant and the pump stations

Perform the quarterly water meter readings for well and deduct customers

Post quarterly shutoff notices to non-payers

Other duties as assigned by the full time staff

If interested, use contact information above to reply