Sewer/Fresh Water Operator


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Minimum Requirements:   
The following educational requirements are acceptable for this classification including: 
High school diploma or GED and minimum two years general related maintenance experience.  
Operator must also hold the proper classification and sub classification certification 
Wastewater Class D & E – sub classifications 1, 2, 3, and 4 
Freshwater Class D & E – sub classifications 8, 9, 11, 12, 13, and 14 
Other Qualifications:
At least twenty-one (21) years of age.
Criminal clearances (Act 33 and 34, specific State & child clearances and, if necessary, FBI).
Non-communicable diseases physical exam.
Valid driver's license from employee’s state of residence.
Ability to work with computers and the necessary software typically 
used by the department.
Ability to work overtime as required. 
Ability to work up to sixteen (16) hours within a rolling 24 hour period. 
Ability to handle physical and mental stress associated with working extended h


The position is responsible for the program/facility waste water collection system, potable water supply, and distribution system.

Essential Functions:

Directly responsible for the daily operation of the systems to insure all federal, state, and local regulations governing these systems are met and report deficiencies in the system to the appropriate supervisory staff members.
Maintain program/facility buildings, pump stations, and booster stations.
Develop and maintain emergency policies and procedures.
Respond to maintenance emergencies and complete repairs in a timely manner.
Complete all necessary mowing, house cleaning, and painting activities of the building and pump station sites as required.
Familiarize with the pipeline right of ways and bi-annually walk the right of ways to ensure clearance.
Evaluate manholes, valve vaults, and etc. for accessibility and remove any brush, debris, and etc. within the right of way.
Complete the daily operational requirements of the sewage treatment package plant and potable water system to include recording volumes of water pumped from each well; prepare necessary chlorine and other chemical additives; record pH and other analytical information; record pressure readings and tank elevations.
Maintain and service mechanical equipment in accordance with manufacturer’s recommendations to include all maintenance activities performed; shop drawings and cut sheets on all equipment and machinery; submit discharge monitoring report, annual water supply report, and other reports to the Department of Environmental Resources (DER).
On call after hours for plant emergencies for sewage treatment plant and water treatment plant.
Maintain a sufficient inventory of spare parts, equipment, tools, and etc. to maintain and repair sewage and water systems.
Develop, maintain, and document preventative maintenance policies and procedures for sewage treatment package plant and fresh water system.
Maintain records of all repairs within the program/facility.
Supports the Abraxas philosophy and mission and promotes the Seven Key Principles of care.