Wastewater Plant Superintendent for Indiana Borough (Full-Time)

Job Description Effective 2023

To apply, email a resume to [email protected]. Documents can also be delivered by mail or in-person at 80 N. 8th Street, Indiana PA, 15701.

A. Position Description

The Wastewater Plant Superintendent is responsible for the competent operation, reporting, administrative, personnel, maintenance, training, safety, problem solving and process control decisions on a daily basis at the Wastewater Treatment Plant.

B. Required Skills, Abilities, and Qualifications

Possession and posting of a class A, 1 PA. D.E.P. Wastewater Treatment Certification. Refusal to post or withdrawal of posting their certification will result in the dismissal of the job position. Strong computer skills with the ability to develop spread sheets for all phases of data and maintenance reporting. Minimum of 2 years laboratory experience and completion of a 30-hour D.E.P. approved training class. 5 years management and wastewater plant operational experience preferred. Strong leadership and decision-making abilities. Must be able to establish and maintain an excellent rapport with all regulatory agencies. Must have working knowledge of pumps, hydraulics, electrical/mechanical systems and wastewater treatment processes. Responsible for acquiring all D.E.P. required certification training. Must pass a Pennsylvania State Police criminal background check. Must possess a valid PA driver's license, be able to drive, and qualify under the Borough's insurance carrier when driving a borough vehicle. All employees covered by this job description are subject to drug and alcohol testing in accordance with the requirements of the Federal Motor Carrier Administration (FMCSA), as set forth in 49 CFR Part 382 as amended; or the Federal Transit Administration (FTA), as set forth in 49CFR Part655 as amended.

C. Assignment Responsibility

The Wastewater Plant Superintendent will be responsible for the competent operation and all process control decisions made at the Wastewater Plant including assignment of work duties, regulatory reporting, personnel and administrative matters, budget/purchasing, generating monthly Public Works and Staff Meeting reports, equipment maintenance and repair and the safety of the plant’s employees... The accurate recording of all plant and maintenance data. Recommends plant improvements and additions to improve plant operations. Responds to emergency alarm situations and weekends/holidays at the Wastewater Plant when needed. He reports directly to the Public Works Director

D. Essential Duties

The Wastewater Plant Superintendent shall be responsible for the daily operation and regulatory reporting at the Wastewater Plant. This includes D.E.P./E.P.A. reporting, administrative/ budgetary/personnel duties, scheduled monthly/daily and preventative maintenance, daily employee job assignments, daily collection and interpretation of operational data and all process control adjustments.

1. General Daily Tasks

His/her essential duties shall include but are not limited to managing the following tasks:

a. Daily collection and analysis of plant data.

b. Daily/monthly reporting and recording of data.

c. Daily scheduled and preventative maintenance of equipment.

d. Mechanical, electrical and hydraulic repair and maintenance of plant equipment.

e. Correct any operational or maintenance problems that may arise.

f. Daily/monthly operational and safety training.

g. Daily job assignments and staff oversight.

h. Drafting and maintenance of the wastewater plants yearly budget and 5 year capital expenditure plan.

i. Responsible for generating all monthly/yearly reports for all regulatory agencies.

j. Assist in all daily, weekend and holiday work scheduling.

k. Respond to emergency callout situations and on weekends/holidays when needed.

l. Attend required meetings and generate meeting reports.

m. Responsible for all administrative and personnel issues.

n. Demonstrates continuous effort to improve operations and work cooperatively to provide quality customer service.

o. Other assignments as directed.

2. General Abilities

His/her general abilities shall include but are not limited to the following:

a. Proven leadership, teaching and people skills.

b. Strong communication, organizational and writing skills.

c. Computer skills with strong knowledge of Excel programs.

d. Impeccable recording of all data produced.

e. Must possess strong mathematical skills, including but not limited to metric conversions.

f. The ability to recognize and resolve problems.

g. Knowledge of protective equipment and its uses

h. Safe storage and use of chemicals and reagents.

i. Work with and around chemicals, non-potable water or similar solutions using only normal protective equipment.

j. Work safely without presenting a direct threat to themselves and others. Comply with confined space entry and emergency procedures.

k. Ability to climb ladders, steps and stairs, repeated bending, stooping and reaching. Ability to lift and maneuver 50 pounds and the ability to team lift and maneuver with and without assisting equipment, e.g. dollies.

I. Work in a variety of weather conditions with exposure to the elements.

m. Work in a cooperative manner with other Borough Employees.

n. Project professionalism at all times when representing the Indiana Borough.

E. Established
This job description for the position of Wastewater Plant Superintendent shall remain in effect until otherwise revised or rescinded by appropriate authority. All previous job descriptions pertaining to the position(s) described herein are hereby rescinded.