Water and Wastewater Manager

Immediate opening for a site manager for a site in Southern Schuylkill County. Must have a PA Water C, E, 7, 12, and a wastewater D, 1 Certification.
Pay up to $35 per hour.

Operator is responsible for overall maintenance of all facilities, monitoring requirements and chemical treatment, performing inspections of equipment and any subsequent minor repairs that are necessary, controlling the water supply and ordering major repairs and service when necessary. Water system consists of wells, chlorine addition and aqua mag addition, 2 water storage tanks and a booster system. Wastewater system is activated sludge with chlorine addition.

Operator needs to perform administrative and clerical duties relating to the water and sewage systems/facilities, such as writing maintenance schedules and guidelines, logging daily activities, planning budgets and preparing financial reports and preparing reports for governmental and regulatory bodies.

1. Responsible for collecting, testing and analyzing water samples.
2. Responsible for collecting, testing and analyzing wastewater samples.
3. Responsible for operation of wells and chemical feed systems, overseeing storage tank levels and operation of the booster pump station.
4. Responsible for the operation of sewage collection and treatment facilities.
5. Responsible for maintaining water testing and treatment plant equipment.
6. Maintains documentation and records of all operations.
7. Performs tests and generate reports as required by the DEP and the DRBC.
8. Identify, schedule, and supervise maintenance and repair items for the water and sewage systems (hydrant flushing, leak detection and repair, sludge removal, etc.)
9. Identify, schedule and supervise maintenance and repair items for clients property (including buildings, vehicles, grass cutting, etc.)
10. Order supplies, tools, parts, etc. for use in the maintenance and repair of the water and sewage systems.
11. Schedule sewage pumps.
12. Schedule water meter, back flow preventer, and pressure regulator installations/conversions.
13. Schedule water meter readings.
14. Supervised all personnel presented.
15. Assist with personnel decisions (hiring, firing, evaluations, reprimands, etc.) concerning all personnel under his or her supervision.
16. Distribute water shut off notices and perform subsequent water shut offs when directed.
17. Assist with or perform the duties of all personnel under his or her supervision if or when needed.
18. Write and generate SOP's and Maintenance Procedures for use by personnel in his or her absence.

1. PA Water License C, E, 7, 12 and Wastewater D, 1.
2. Valid PA Drivers License.
3. Must work some weekends and holidays.
4. Basic Computer Skills.
5. Must be able to understand and follow oral and written instructions.
6. Must have good written and oral communication skills.
7. Must have the ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with coworkers, supervisors, and customers.
8. Must have good supervisory skills.
9. Must have knowledge of the occupational hazards and safety precautions of the work.
10. Must have the ability to perform the physical duties of the job, including lifting up to 50 pounds, and work in the environmental conditions required of this position.

Hours at this position are 36 hours per week from 9 to 4. The remainder of the 40 hours will be at another location. You will be required to work every other weekend and have half a day off each week for those weekend hours worked.

If you are interested please email your resume to [email protected]