Water Treatment Plant Operator

The Municipal Authority of the Township of Robinson is accepting resumes for full-time Water Treatment Plant Operators. The Operator will be assigned to the water treatment facility and work either the, Monday thru Thursday and Friday 11:30 PM to Saturday 7:30 AM and Fill-In for absent Operators due to vacations, scheduled illness time or other qualifying shift vacancies or the Saturday & Sunday, 7:30 AM to 3:30 PM & Monday & Tuesday, 3:30 P:M – 11:30 PM & Thursday 11:30 PM to Friday 7:30 AM

The duties of the position consist of the following:

General Description:
Employees who are assigned to operate and maintain the water treatment plant and all of its equipment; who assure the quality control and property operation of the plant by conducting daily analysis and keep a daily record of all test results and plant operational and maintenance activity in order that the plant meets or exceeds the requirements of the Safe Drinking Water Act, shall be paid hourly rate as designated by the collective bargaining agreement.

Water Plant Operator Duties and Responsibilities:
• Perform all miscellaneous duties as instructed by Chief Operator, Management and Consulting Engineer.
• Operate the water treatment plant as per the guidelines established by the Chief water plant operator management and engineers.
• Perform all required water analysis
• Operate, monitor and make the appropriate adjustments of controls and equipment as needed
• Monitor and maintain storage levels.
• Monitor chemical feed systems and add chemicals when necessary.
• Perform maintenance on air dryer, oilier, chlorine and chemical feed systems
• Perform minor electrical repairs with other Authority personnel
• Must document all testing and various plant activities in daily log.
• Must notify succeeding operator of plant status, especially unusual conditions.
• Maintain telephone log including customer calls, complaints etc.
• Place telephone calls to MATR employees in the event of emergencies such as but not limited to water breaks, plant and pump station alarms, and customer related response items. Operator should follow emergency call out list. Operate in accordance with PA-One Call System rules and regulations.
• Must obtain or maintain a Water Operator’s License in accordance with the current Pennsylvania DEP requirements.
• Must possess basic computer skills, including word, excel & basic SCADA System knowledge
• Perform general housekeeping.
• Must have a Pennsylvania Driver’s License.

Candidates must possess a Class A, Subclass, 1, 7, 8, 10, 12, PA DEP Water Treatment Plant Operator Certification. The position includes a collective bargaining agreement with an attractive wage and benefit package.

Resumes via email will be accepted [email protected]

The Authority is an Equal Opportunity Employer