Water/Wastewater Operator II (Harrisburg, PA)

Skelly and Loy, Inc., A Terracon Company, is looking for a Water/Wastewater Operator II responsible for providing operations and maintenance services for potable water and wastewater systems as part of a circuit rider team serving municipal, commercial, institutional, transportation, and industrial clients. Responsibilities may include system monitoring and adjustments, flow readings, collecting samples, field testing, and inspection and maintenance of mechanical equipment/pumps and controls. Provide assistance to other team members in completing maintenance tasks or repairs. Systems may range in size and complexity from small-scale system, pump stations, and medium municipal systems with various treatment technologies. Prepare reports to regulatory agencies to fulfill permit requirements. Coordinate with team members regarding scheduling of operations and maintenance tasks.

Essential Roles and Responsibilities:
Follow safety rules, guidelines and standards for all projects. Participate in pre-task planning. Report any safety issues or concerns to management.
Be responsible for maintaining quality standards on all projects.
Oversee multiple treatment plants to ensure proper treatment and compliance with the permit requirements.
Inspect mechanical and electrical components for proper operation.
Utilize instrumentation and field kits to monitor typical operational parameters (pH, dissolved oxygen, etc.).
Collect compliance samples and deliver to the laboratory as required.
Perform routine maintenance tasks as required.
Make process adjustments.
Complete/submit regulatory reports and compliance sampling results as required.
Complete repairs and/or install new equipment.

High school diploma or equivalent.
Minimum 8 years’ related experience.
Valid driver’s license with acceptable violation history.
Certified Operator serving small to medium systems (under 1 MGD)
OSHA 40-hour Hazardous Waste Operations certified
OSHA Confined space entry trained for emergency response

Preferred Skills:
Mechanically Inclined - experience with completing routine maintenance tasks and performing repairs on mechanical, electrical, and piping systems.
Basic - the ability to effectively communicate verbally and in writing with others; reading comprehension; giving full attention to what others are saying and taking the time to understand the points being made; using learned methods and procedures appropriate for the situation.
Technical - performing routine maintenance on equipment and determining when and what kind of maintenance is needed; using instrumentation and field kits; monitoring meters, controls or other indicators to make sure the treatment systems are working properly; controlling operations of equipment or systems; performing repairs and installing new equipment.
Computer - using computers and their applications to enter, manipulate, edit and manage information.

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To discuss the position in more detail please contact Justin Matincheck at [email protected].