Experienced WW/W Plant Manager looking for new home

Experienced licensed manager of Drinking Water and Wastewater plants looking for new opportunities. Given the times, I'm fairly sure I'm soon to be pushed out of my national contract operations company, despite a record of exemplary performance. I'm not anti-vax -- I got my tetanus booster on my last checkup -- but I have a sewer-worker's immune system, a history of interpreting numeric data for myself and an aversion to novel treatments that cannot be openly / freely debated. That doesn't mean you shouldn't work safe and take precautions. Experienced with regulatory reporting, daily operations management, staffing and budgeting. Currently residing in Amish Country, but willing and able to relocate to other rural / semi-rural locations in PA.

I really like the communities and plants I currently serve, so I don't want to tip my hand that I am shopping. If you have a need, please email me at [email protected] and I will send you a resume.

Thank you for reading.