Water Filtration Plant Operator - City of Bethlehem

Department: Water & Sewer Resources – Water Filtration
Type of Position: Full-Time, Union
Salary/Pay Rate: $26.29 per hour (if not certified); $27.44 per hour (if certified)
Deadline to Apply: January 31, 2020

MINIMUM QUALIFICATIONS: Must be a high school graduate or possess equivalency certificate. Technical school training past high school in water chemistry, bacteriology, hydraulics, mechanics, electrical/electronics, treatment plant protocol is expected. Must have at least six (6) months hands on experience in wet chemistry laboratory analyses, extensive mechanical, plumbing, and electrical/electronics maintenance ability and some water distribution experience. Valid driver’s license is required.

REQUIREMENTS: This position is an Acting Operator III (JC13)(PA DEP Water System Operator Non- Certified) or an Operator III (JC14)(PA DEP Water System Operator Certified). A Non-certified Acting Operator III must take the PA DEP Water System Operator certification exams on an annual basis and must obtain a passing score on the following detailed certification exams within a three (3) year period: Class WAE, Water Sub Classifications 2 (Direct Filtration), 7 (Corrosion Control and Sequestering), 8 (Chemical Addition), 10 (Aeration and Activated Carbon Adsorption), 11 (Gaseous Chlorine Disinfection) certification within a four (4) year period. A certified incumbent Operator III without the E license must also take the PA DEP Water System Operator Class E Distribution and consecutive water systems without treatment Certification Examination on an annual basis, must obtain a passing score within a two (2) year period, and must obtain the above detailed certification within the same concurrent two (2) year period. Once water operator certification is obtained it must be maintained according to the rules and regulations established by the State Board for Certification of Water and Wastewater Systems Operators and the PA Department of Environmental Protection. A certified incumbent must obtain certification within one (1) year for the Water Sub Classifications of any additional treatment added at the Water Filtration Plant.
NATURE OF WORK PERFORMED: The position is in responsible charge for the maintenance and operation of a large, technically sophisticated water treatment plant, including making adjustments to flows and chemical settings in order to meet the prescribed needs of the system, training entry-level (Non-Certified) plant personnel as required, performing laboratory analyses, mechanical/plumbing/electrical maintenance repair activities, grounds maintenance and janitorial duties as required. Works under the general supervision of the Operations Supervisor for operational matters and the Maintenance Supervisor for maintenance matters. The incumbent is also responsible for the operation of the Water Distribution SCADA System, taking necessary corrective action, making investigations of the Water Distribution SCADA System data/information, operating pumps and valves to maintain tank/reservoir water levels and recording data/information on paper and in electronic format.

EXAMPLES OF WORK PERFORMED: Operates and maintains plant equipment; adjusts chemical feed and water flow rates to maintain water quality and quantity; backwashes filters; fills chemical tanks maintains chemical inventory; prepares and maintains operating data; performs routine laboratory wet chemistry analytical work and sample collection; maintains and calibrates lab equipment and records; cleans flocculators and chemical feeders and adjusts flocculator chains; changes oil in various pumps; rebuild pumps and change out motors; run backup equipment (air compressor, generator, transfer switches); checks ventilation system and safety equipment; performs lawn care and grounds keeping; maintains plant structures and performs necessary janitorial duties; performs mechanical, plumbing, and electrical maintenance repair activities; conducts training of plant personnel as required; operates and monitors the Water Distribution System SCADA System including pressures, flows, pump operation, tank levels and alarms; reports any malfunctions or abnormal readings in the Water Distribution SCADA Systems.

REQUIRED KNOWLEDGE, SKILLS, AND ABILITIES: Extensive experience in the operation and maintenance of a water treatment plant, or similar experience as a semiskilled mechanic, plumber or electrician in the maintenance of motors, pumps, valves and related equipment; knowledge of water treatment, including chemistry, bacteriology, wet chemistry, laboratory analyses and equipment calibrations; extensive knowledge of the principles, practices, materials and equipment used in water processing; extensive knowledge of mathematics, hydraulics, plumbing, mechanics and electrical/electronics; working knowledge of SCADA Systems; extensive level of mechanical, plumbing and electrical maintenance ability required; ability to read blueprints, perform mathematical computations and follow wiring diagrams; ability to read gauges and indicators and to distinguish colors; ability to operate a personal computer including the use of Microsoft Office products; ability to communicate effectively both orally and in written form; ability to work well with others; ability to understand and follow complex oral and written directions/SOPs; ability to work non-standard hours, shift work, rotating shifts, weekends, holidays and overtime hours; ability to lift moderate to heavy items, climb, bend, stoop, kneel, twist, and meet other physical requirements on an as-needed basis; ability to work in inclement weather; ability to shovel, climb ladders, wear an Air Pak or Mask/Cartridge, no allergies to chemical odors and attend training courses; ability to participate in duty rotation, which involves being available through phone call or other method to respond to emergency after hours calls or for shift coverage.

HOW TO APPLY: Applicants should send a resume and cover letter outlining how they meet the specific requirements of the position to [email protected] of City of Bethlehem, Human Resources, 10 E. Church St, Bethlehem, PA 18018. While we sincerely appreciate all applications, only those candidates selected for interview will be contacted.