How many contact hours should PA Operators be able to bank?

A question in the Drinking Water and Wastewater Systems Operator Certification Program Handbook Technical Guidance Number 391-2300-001 was:

What if I earn more training credits than I need?

DEP answered: Currently, hours are not banked or carried over into the next three-year certificate cycle. In other words, operators cannot count excess contact hours toward the continuing education requirements for a subsequent renewal cycle. Operators should track completed contact hours to avoid taking excess hours unless they want to take additional training for their own education. The Department has done a preliminary review of the resources needed to provide this service and has come to the conclusion that additional resources would be needed. It is estimated that the certificate renewal fee would have to be doubled. This analysis will be refined and reviewed with the Certification Board and the Certification Program Advisory Committee. Their conclusions will be submitted to the Environmental Quality Board for consideration when the regulations are reviewed again. This review is required once every three years as part of the conditions for the assessment of fees.

I believe you should be able to bank at least 3 training credits from year to year Things happen in life and I have seen operators lose their license for as little as 1 training credit.

How many Contact Hours should PA Operators be able to bank?


How many credits do I have how do I check
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