Stormwater Membership Benefits


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Stormwater Membership is an essential tool for all Pennsylvania stormwater systems to prepare for new stormwater regulations. The PRWA Staff is ready and equipped to help your community or utility face the most complex challenges and regulations in the industry with resources, discounts, technical assistance, and legislative support.

Stormwater Membership offers guidance in:

  1. Public education: to inform individuals and households about ways to reduce stormwater pollution
  2. Public involvement: to involve the public in the development, implementation, and review of a stormwater management program
  3. Illicit discharge detection & elimination: for identifying and eliminating illicit discharges and spills to storm drain systems
  4. Pollution prevention and good housekeeping: BMPs for MS4s to address stormwater runoff from their own facilities and activities

Managing and understanding your municipality's stormwater system is a constant challenge. Utilizing a Geographic Information System (GIS) can help you to gain control of these complex issues and allow you to:

  1. Build and maintain a database of your stormwater features: outfalls, conveyances, inlets, and basins
  2. Create a database of on-the-ground best management practices to handle stormwater in a more efficient manner: swales, rain gardens, infiltration basins, and green infrastructure
  3. Analyze flood prone and problem areas to assist in solving community issues related to stormwater runoff with tools like flow analysis and 3-dimensional modeling
  4. Take a multi-scale approach to finding stormwater management solutions, allowing you to collaborate on both local and multi-municipal issues
  5. Meet stormwater regulations related to MS4 – specifically the Illicit Discharge, Detection, and Elimination (IDDE) component during dry weather periods.

Benefits of A Stormwater Membership include:

  • On-site technical assistance from our registered circuit riders.
  • Technical equipment use and rental.
  • Special regulatory updates.
  • A voice in Harrisburg addressing your concerns.
  • Discounted Operator Certification training and conference.
  • The Keystone Tap Magazine.
  • Notification of training sessions in your area.
# of Connections Stormwater
Stand Alone $339
With 1-150 connection System Membership + $58
With 151-1,500 connection System Membership + $112
With 1,500-5,000 connection System Membership + $171
With Over 5,000 connection System Membership + $225

These and other membership benefits are open to everyone who joins the PRWA team of water and wastewater professionals. The benefits gained through our programs easily offset the cost membership dues. We hope you will join us soon! 

THE PRWA PROMISE: If you are not 100% satisfied with your membership after one full year, we will refund every cent of your first year's dues! It's a risk-free guarantee! 

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