Cross-Connection Control & Backflow Prevention Program


Without the hassle

PRWA has partnered with Pennsylvania Water Specialties Company (PAWSC) to provide utilities, municipalities, and privately owned water distribution systems with the resources to support enforcement of their cross-connection control (CCC) administration program.

Why do you need a Cross Connection Control Administration Program?

Become Compliant | Protect your Water Supply | Communicate with Customers

Become Compliant. Under the 1974 Safe Drinking Water Act, the PA DEP requires that customers eliminate cross-connection or install backflow prevention devices.  This regulation applies to individual homes, businesses, and commercial and industrial establishments.  This regulation requires that backflow prevention devices be tested at least once a year.

Protect your Water Supply. The goal of a cross connection control program is to protect the public potable water supply from the possibility of contamination or pollution by isolating, with its customer’s internal distribution systems, contaminants or pollutants which could backflow or back-siphon into the public water system.  Through education, inspection and consistent monitoring of compliance, PAWSC is able to help utilities minimize the risk of contamination to its customers.

Communicate with Customers.  PAWSC offers services for a complete start-to-finish outsourcing solution.  From sending compliance notices, to tracking final compliance results for water service providers who wish to maintain an effective CCC program from their customers and water supply – but are not able to handle all aspects of the program.    PAWSC Customer Service Representatives provide centralized administrative support to water providers, water customers, and backflow device technicians. 

Services PAWSC can provide to PRWA customers:
Public Awareness
Customer Compliance Mailings
Database Tracking
Record Keeping
Field Technician Training
Certification Tester Training
Auditing of Physical Surveys

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