Funding your next project does not have to be difficult.  Let our experts dedicated to the water & wastewater industry help find the right solution for you! To have someone contact you about your financing options, contact us here!


Get a loan that fits your specific needs. We offer an array of products and programs that can suit all types of systems. 

  • Project financing (up to 25 years)
  • Construction financing
  • Working capital lending
  • Debt refinancing
  • Equipment Loans

Additional Items for Loan Financing Can Include:

  • Three years of financial statements or tax returns
  • Current or next year's budget
  • Project Description
  • Copy of invoice or proposal
  • Copy of formation documents, Articles of Incorporation
  • Engagement letter
  • Financial and regulatory requirements set by the lender

To see how we can help you, fill out and return a loan application (See in Attachments)

To have someone contact you about your financing options, contact us here!

Come up with the right lease for the equipment (and all its attachments) to make the price right for you without straining your budget! PRWA leasing offers competitive rates, flexible repayment terms, size and diversity of products we lease, commitment to relationships, custom solutions and simplicity.

Leasing can be a great way for municipalities to get financing because:

  • Not considered new debt
  • No referendum is required
  • Quick turn around on approvals
  • Minimal upfront costs
  • No expensive legal opinions
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Terms to match useful life of equipment
  • Easier budgetary appropriation
  • Tax-free rates

PRWA offers two leasing options:

  • Finance (Capital) Lease - Also known as "$1 Buyout" or "Full Payout Lease"
    This is most like a structure of a loan

   Benefits include:

  • Minimal use of capital
  • The customer depreciates the asset
  • Ultimately owns the asset
  • Payments structured to meet operating budget
  • Operating Lease - Also known as "True Tax Lease"
    PRWA structures of this type of lease as an "off balance sheet" transaction, whereby the funding source depreciates the asset and shares the residual risk at the end of the term.

   Benefits include:

  • Shared residual risk at the end of the term
  • Asset can be purchased at the end of the term for a reset residual value
  • Payments structured to meet operating budget

Flexible Structures: PRWA Financial Services provides a financing structure that will accommodate the borrower's cash flow – Flexible Payments are available for seasonal businesses.

Bundled Financing: PRWA Financial Services is committed to making the leasing process as easy as possible. That's why we offer unique and innovative "bundling financing" and leasing programs that includes the entire cost of acquiring the equipment – including attachments in a single transaction. This may include consolidating existing debt to create the convenience of one single transaction for equipment debt.

Eligible Equipment Types:

Industrial Construction Manufacturing
Paving Forklifts Cranes
Mining Office Many, Many More

To see how we can help you, fill out and return a lease application (See in Attachments)

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Share fees and closing costs with other borrowers in the pool, but you can choose from different options to fund their upcoming project.

Smaller systems and smaller financing needs are now eligible for bond financing.
Typically, financing needs under $5 Million wouldn't find much benefit in the bond market because of the high legal and underwriting costs associated with the closing. Now, because we can share these costs through the pool, smaller deals can gain all the advantages that financing has to offer.

30 year amortization period.
Bank financing typically runs at a maximum length of 20-25 years. The additional five to 10 years offered through bonds can make a big difference to cash flow and the rates that need to be charged to customers. PLUS, bonds carry a fixed interest rate for the entire 30 year term. For managers who want the security of a known payment and expense throughout the term, this is a great comfort. This same benefit also passes down to customers, as the rate to charge to customers over the 30 years of the project doesn't have increase due to finance rate increase.

Systems come together to share costs, but each borrower in the pool maintains its independence through the term of the bond.
Each borrower will be underwritten separately, have their own set of individual closing documents, and make payments individually. So our members get the best of both worlds. You are offered the opportunity to come together like a large buying group, while maintaining complete ownership of your project, your outcomes and your system.

To have someone contact you about your financing options, contact us here!