Backflow Training

The Backflow Program with PRWA provides backflow tester and assembly repair training, certification, and management level training for beginning and maintaining a backflow program in your water utility as required by the PA DEP Public Water Supply Manual.  The PA DEP Public Water Supply Manual, Part VII states that "Inspections, tests, and overhaul of backflow prevention devices shall be made at the expense of the water consumer, and shall be performed by the public water supplier or a person certified to inspect, test, and overhaul backflow prevention devices."

PRWA sponsors backflow tester training and certification through Associate Member, PA Water Specialties Company.  PAWSC is an expert in the cross connection control field, and has managed the PRWA backflow training program for many years, and also provides invaluable training.  Learn more at WWW.PAWSC.COM or better yet take a PAWSC class!

Do you need a Certified Backflow Tester? Check out WWW.PAWSC.COM for a list.

ASSE Registration / Cancellation Policy

Registration: Please note that when registering for any ASSE class, payment must be submitted with registration.  Any persons not paid in full by the registration deadline will not be registered for the class - no exceptions.

Cancellations:  Cancellations made AFTER the registration deadline will not receive a refund.  Cancellations must be sent to PRWA in writing.

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