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Forms, Resources, and Templates are available here to help water and wastewater system operators and managers satisfy regulatory requirements. Also on our Google Drive.

Resources to support water and wastewater utilities during the Coronavirus (COVID 19) pandemic

Every community water system is required by law to provide its customers with water quality reports, also known as Consumer Confidence Reports (CCR), by July 1st of each year. Here are templates and other information to help you with CCRs.

Discharge Monitoring Report (DMR) are reports that contain self-monitoring results for wastewater with NPDES permits and some Water Quality Management (WQM) permits. DMRs must be submitted by any facility that has been issued a NPDES permit that requires sampling & monitoring.

The DEP has different forms and templates to help public water suppliers plan for a drought. Find water rationing and drought plan templates here.

Emergency Response Plans are important to have easily accessibly and up-to-date. When an emergency happens, this plan will assist emergency personnel and others that may not be familiar with your facility to quickly find power sources and equipment, and be in contact with the right people, promptly.

PRWA has put together a template designed to assist water & wastewater utility companies comply with the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) Identity Theft (Red Flag) Rule.

Office Professionals, like operators, work hard to make their utility a smooth-running operation. PRWA has templates and forms to help make your job a little easier.

A Operation & Maintenance (O&M) plan should be developed by every public water supplier to provide a written source of material that can be easily referred to for guidance in operating a water system.

The Public Notification (PN) rule became effective on May 6, 2002 and was published in Chapter 109 in August 2002. PN requirements were revised to provide for different delivery deadlines of notices based on the persistence of the violations and the seriousness of any potential adverse health effects that may be involved.

The Total Coliform Rule was revised in 2015 to further protect human health. The revised rule goes into effect on 4/1/2016 for all public water systems. All systems are required to submit sample siting plans prior to 4/1/16. Below are downloadable documents that are available to help systems become compliant with the new rule.

Security for water and wastewater utilities has become an essential priority in our day of domestic and foreign terrorism. These guides and resources from EPA, PaDEP, and other sources are provided to help small water and wastewater systems guard one of our most precious assets: clean drinking water and environmentally safe wastewater removal.

Systems can building their own Sourcewater Protection plans with help from our templates and forms.

These guides are designed to help small water systems determine possible vulnerable components and identify security measures that should be considered in order to protect the system and the customers it serves.

Find wastewater related handouts and other time-saving documents and apps.

Find water related handouts and other time-saving documents.