Maintaining your Operators License

Once an operator has become certified, their license is valid for three (3) years.  Certified operators are required to complete PADEP approved continuing education classes in order to renew their certificates (licenses).  A course can be taken only ONCE during a 3-year cycle to meet the continuing education requirements. 

Below is a list of the current continuing education (also known as contact hours) requirements.

Continuing Education (Contact Hour) Requirements for Drinking Water and Wastewater Operators
Operator Class Hours Required in the FIRST 3-year cycle Hours Required for ALL remaining 3-year Cycles
A 15 30
B 15 30
C 15 30
D 8 15
E 8 15
Dc 4 9
Dn 3 6
Grandparented 8 15

Certified operators can use the DEP'S Earthwise Academy to check their transcripts to see how many hours they have on record*

*You will need your License number (referred to as a ClientID) and zip code of your home address.