Step 1: Who to Recruit?

When starting your Source Water Protection Steering Committee, it is important to select a diverse group of people who come from different perspectives, yet share an interest in maintaining a healthy water supply.

Start by jotting down the names and contact information for others you think may be interested in drinking water protection.

Any number of people may be interested in participating. The ideal team size is typically five to seven members. A key point to consider: if the well or source water area for your water system is located in another municipality, it is essential that you invite that municipality to participate. Even if there has been little cooperation on other issues, a source water protection program will indirectly benefit the individual well owners in that municipality (ie their constituents) as well as your water system.

Potential Steering Committee Members to Consider:

  • Civic Group members – e.g. Rotary Club, Lions Club, Kiwanis, Jaycees etc.
  • Conservation District
  • Conservation Groups – e.g. Trout Unlimited Chapter, Ducks Unlimited, etc.
  • Educators at Local schools
  • Environmental Advisory Council
  • Farmers – especially if agriculture is identified as one of the potential sources of contamination to the public water supply
  • Fire Department members
  • First Responders
  • Health Care Providers/Health Dept. representative
  • Interested Residents
  • Local Industry/Business
  • Local Land Conservancy
  • Local Well driller
  • Long Term Residents – often knowledgeable about historical land uses like an old dump site or site of old factory or gas station that has been torn down
  • Municipal Officials
  • Penn State Extension agent
  • Planning Commission member
  • Public Relations specialist
  • Representatives of any potential contaminant sources – engage them early so they have a clear idea of the public health goals of the effort
  • Septic professionals
  • Watershed Association

CONSIDER: Municipal involvement can be the difference between failure and Success.