10/20/2021 - #3035: Reducing Unaccounted for Water


Wednesday, October 20, 2021 -
8:00am to 3:30pm


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Middleburg Moose Lodge #1229

235 Grand Street
MiddleburgSnyder County, Pennsylvania 17842

Maintaining system infrastructure to deliver clean and safe drinking water to customers is often a significant challenge for the operators of public water systems (PWSs).  Much of the estimated 880,000 miles of drinking water infrastructure in the United States has been in service for decades and can be a significant source of water loss.  In addition to physical loss of water from the distribution system, water can be “lost” through unauthorized consumption (theft), administrative errors, data handling errors, and metering inaccuracies or failure.  Water is a commodity that is produced by a PWS; therefore, lost or unaccounted-for water can be equated to lost or unaccounted-for revenue.  A water loss control program can help to locate and reduce these water losses and thus maintain or increase revenue.  This workshop introduces the need for a comprehensive meter program, a proactive water loss program, a water auditing program, and a public education and outreach program.

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