10/26/2021 - #869 / 8090 : Aerobic Digestion / Let's Clarify Clarifiers in Wastewater Treatment


Tuesday, October 26, 2021 -
8:00am to 3:30pm


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869 / 8090

Wastewater Hours: 


Hampton Inn

481 Suedberg Road
Pine GroveSchuylkill County, Pa 17963

Aerobic Digestion: Review the theory of an aerobic digester including proper biological balances. The components and physical elements
of the digestion process are outlined, as are the operational controls and process considerations for successful operation of an aerobic digester.

Let's Clarify Clarifiers in Wastewater Treatment:This course will help operators understand the various types of Clarifiers and how they operate as an integral part of the wastewater treatment system. Hydraulic Design Principles and Solids Loading Principles will be explained but more importantly how the Clarifier must be operated to stay within those principles will also be shown. The course will be specifically geared to making the operator understand the day to day adjustments of running a Clarifier. Theory be “damned”.

Supplies, materials and lunch is included with registration.

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