4/19/2023 - #2945: ABC's of Identifying and Eliminating Inflow and Infiltration


Wednesday, April 19, 2023 - 8:00am to 3:30pm


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Dallastown Borough Office

175 East Broad Street
DallastownYork County, Pennsylvania 17313

The course's purpose is to emphasize the importance of identifying and eliminating infiltration inflow in sanitary sewer collection systems. The course will begin by outlining the benefits of identifying and eliminating I/I and show the participants that it is cost effective and a good investment toward the long term viability of their wastewater treatment system. In chapter 2, the course will cover doing a preliminary sewer system evaluation to determine the extent of the I/I problem. Chapter 3 will cover the steps in performing an effective SSES Sewer System Evaluation Study using smoke testings, flow monitoring equipment, manhole inspections, etc. to quantify the amount of I/I and to develop a detailed cost-effective analysis for I/I. Finally, Chapter 4 will cover sewer system rehabilitation techniques such as pipe bursting, manhole sealing, and slip lining. The course will conclude with a brief quiz.

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