9/15/2022 - #8731: Troubleshooting the Sequencing Batch Reactor (Live Online - ZOOM)


Thursday, September 15, 2022 - 8:00am to 12:15pm


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This course reviews the biology and chemistry involved in all phases used during an SBR cycle. Phases involved include: 1) static, mix or anoxic and aerated fill phases and single and step fill phases, 2) react phase, 3) settle phased, 4) draw or decant phase and 5) idle phase or period. The goal of each phase, i.e., nitrification, denitrification, biological phosphorus release, biological phosphorus uptake and oxidation of cBOD using dissolved oxygen are discussed. A review of the roles of the bacteria involved in each phase is presented along with the expected changes (biological, chemical and physical) in critical tests that can be used to monitor the success of each phase. Worksheets are provided for operator use to determine if the time of a phase should be adjusted (decreased or increased) in order to make the SBR more efficient in achieving discharge permit requirements.

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