9/22/2022 - #8884: Wastewater Bacteria (Live Online - ZOOM)


Thursday, September 22, 2022 - 8:00am to 2:30pm


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Wastewater Hours: 

Live Online 

Wastewater Bacteria live online (4-hour live-online presentation) identifies the major groups of bacteria and archaea (methanogens) that are found in wastewater treatment processes and reviews the roles performed by the bacteria and archaea. The roles include beneficial biological activity and negative biological activity. Operational measures to support beneficial biological activity are reviewed as well as operational measures to overcome negative biological activity. Bacterial groups reviewed include: 1) denitrifying bacteria, 2) fermentative bacteria, 3) filamentous bacteria, 4) floc-forming bacteria, 5) hydrolytic bacteria, 6), indicator bacteria, 7) nitrifying bacteria, 8) pathogenic bacteria, 9) phosphorus-accumulating bacteria, 10) sulfur bacteria, 11) tetras and 12) Zoogloeal (slime bulking) bacteria. In addition to a review of the bacterial groups and methanogens, bacterial growth factors are presented. The factors include: 1) trophism for carbon and energy, 2) response to free molecular oxygen, 3) pH, 4) alkalinity, 5) temperature and 6) nutrients.

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Break from 11:10 - 12:10

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