1/7/2021 - #5785/7168: Greensand Filtration / Groundwater Fundamentals and Filtration Basics


Thursday, January 7, 2021 -
8:00am to 3:30pm


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5785 / 7168

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JHA Companies

466 South Main Street
MontroseSusquehanna County, Pennsylvania 18801

Greensand Filtration: Many public water systems throughout Pennsylvania have appreciable levels of iron and manganese in their surface and groundwater sources. These systems are required to provide treatment to minimize the associated water quality problems. This course will discuss the background and basic chemistry of iron and manganese in source waters and the various treatment alternatives. The course will focus on greensand filtration, the most widely used treatment method for iron and manganese removal.

Groundwater Fundamentals and Filtration Basics: This course will focus on the fundamentals of groundwater supply and treatment, and various filtration alternatives to meeting safe drinking water requirements. Emphasis will be placed on the evaluation and selection of the appropriate filtration techniques and advantages/limitations therewith, operation and maintenance, equipment and chemicals necessary for appropriate utilization and operations of selected alternatives.

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