1/9/2020 - #6812/6570: Counting Every Drop - Finding & Understanding Water Loss / Building a Distribution System Workshop


Thursday, January 9, 2020 -
8:00am to 3:30pm


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6812 / 6570

Water Hours: 


Highland Sewer and Water Authority

120 Tank Drive
JohnstownCambria County, PA 15904

First part: This course will cover methods to help system operators locate and understand water loss in the water distribution system by: Determining proper type & size water meters, conducting routine water meter testing & maintenance, using meter readings to better identify & understand customer consumption patterns, implementing distribution system sub-metering, learning basic leak detection techniques and understanding how pressure relates to flow in a distribution system.

Second part: Interactive demonstration showing the building of a water system from start to finish.  See the installation from mainline, laterals, services, taps, restraint joints, fire hydrants and meters.  Proper installation techniques and system coordination, from start to finish, including proper use of gaskets and couplers will be discussed.

Supplies, materials and lunch are included with registration.

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