3/12/2020 - #5733/6211 - Lift Station Operations & Maintenance / SCADA Systems for Water and Wastewater


Thursday, March 12, 2020 -
8:00am to 2:30pm


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5733 / 6211

Wastewater Hours: 


American Legion Post 820

4339 Old William Penn Highway
MonroevilleAllegheny County, Pennsylvania 15146

Lift Station Operations & Maintenance (3 Wastewater Contact Hours): This course provides an overview of lift stations, including basic design principles, typical operation, and lift station maintenance.

SCADA Systems for Water and Wastewater (2 Water & Wastewater Contact Hours): SCADA- Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition has become a necessity for most water and wastewater systems. This course will provide a basic understanding of the common hardware and software components of a SCADA system, what they do and how they are used to help optimize system operations and save energy.

Supplies, materials and lunch are included with registration.

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