6/18/2019 - #6951/3776:Septage and Toxicity / Wastewater Bacteria


Tuesday, June 18, 2019 -
8:00am to 4:00pm


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AmishView Inn and Suites

3125 Old Philadelphia Pike
Bird in HandLancaster County, PA 17505

Septage and Toxicity:This course reviews the composition of septage, its impact upon biological treatment processes including toxicity and operational measures for the safe handling and treatment of septage.  Toxicity and its mode of attack are described, and toxic inorganic and organic wastes and their partitioning in the activated sludge process are presented.  Relative quantities of toxic wastes that are needed to cause toxicity are reviewed and discussed with respect to their impact upon cBOD removal, nitrification and methane production.  Operational measures for preventing and recovering from a toxic event are addressed.  Indicators of an unstable biomass are reviewed.

Wastewater Bacteria: This course reviews the significant bacterial groups, the roles they perform in wastewater treatment and the operational conditions that affect their activity.

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