8/12/2020 - #6799 / 7419: Wastewater Biomass Enhancement and Bioaugmentation / Activated Sludge: Process Control Tests and Parameters


Wednesday, August 12, 2020 -
8:00am to 4:00pm


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Selinsgrove VFW Post 6631

940 U.S. Route 522
SelinsgroveSnyder County, PA 17870

Wastewater Biomass Enhancement and Bioaugmentation: This course presents the 4 components that provide for biological improvement or recovery of wastewater treatment processes. The components consist of the addition of organisms (archaea, bacteria, and fungi) (bioaugmentation),  major and minor nutrients, essential enzymes, and critical growth factors. Requirements for the use of biomass enhancement and bioaugmentation are presented as well as examples of how to monitor for success. A comparison of rumen microbiology and bioaugmentation is offered to illustrate the interactions of abiotic factors and biotic factors that are similar in rumens and treatment processes.

Activated Sludge: Process Control Tests and Parameters: This course provides the operator of the treatment process with reliable, often rapid tests, for early detection and troubleshooting of undesired changes in the steady state and acceptable operational condition. Biological, chemical, and physical tests are presented that can be used individually or in combination for process control. Most tests that are reviewed are inexpensive, simplistic, reliable, and rapid.   Changes from an acceptable test value or range of test values are explained as well as corrective operational measures.  

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