8/28/2019 - #145: Wastewater Jar Testing-Coagulation and Sedimentation


Wednesday, August 28, 2019 -
8:00am to 3:30pm


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Wastewater Hours: 


Richland Township Municipal Building

1328 California Road
QuakertownBucks County, PA 18951

The activated sludge jar test is designed to measure the impact of polymer addition on both settleability and solids capture in a secondary clarifier. The clarification of wastewater for the settling of activated sludge biomass and the removal of suspended solids can be a complex process requiring the controlled addition of several chemicals to obtain optimum results. During this course participants will review the proper math calculations needed to be able to prepare stock solutions and perform jar tests. Also, the course includes several hands-on breakouts that will enable the participants to prepare stock solutions and perform jar tests using activated sludge. A brief lecture will be given to teach how flocculants and coagulants impact both the settling ability and the solids capture in a wastewater treatment facility. Finally, the course will show the complex process that is involved with the removal of suspended solids within a waste stream.

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