8/4/2020 - #1752: Water Disinfection


Tuesday, August 4, 2020 -
8:00am to 3:30pm


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Fairfield Inn & Suites

451 Racetrack Road
WashingtonWashington County, PA 15301

Various forms of microbiological contaminants may be found in raw water supplies. These include bacteria, viruses, and intestinal parasites. Disinfection is the process designed to remove, kill or inactivate most microorganisms, including pathogenic bacteria, in a raw water supply. Several factors will influence the disinfection of water supplies. These include the type and number of organisms, the water chemistry, the disinfection byproducts, the disinfectant demand, and process control and time. It is important for operators to understand the disinfection process, the regulations that apply and to be able to perform the disinfection computations.

Supplies, materials and lunch is included with registration.

Please bring a calculator with you to this seminar.

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