#6476 Introduction to GPS (for Operators)


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This introduction to GPS is a PaDEP approved course for Pennsylvania water and waste water system operators.


Computer technology has forever altered the way water and waste water utilities operate. Operations, engineering, customer service – nearly all utility activities have been transformed in the last three decades. One of the most dramatic examples of this revolution is the way utilities collect assets data using the Global Positioning System (GPS) technology. Approximately 80 percent of all utility asset information is geographically referenced. A GPS survey allows utility operators and managers to determine where their assets are located—for example, valves, water mains, hydrants, meters, manholes, catch basins, outfalls, etc. A GPS survey also lets users update, analyze, and display information about those assets on GIS maps. When combined with GIS, GPS technology becomes an efficient system inspection tool. As a result, GPS surveys can reveal important information that leads to better decision making. System inspection and maintenance is an important need of water and waste water system operation. Conventional manual and paper-based inspection and maintenance methods are not efficient and sustainable. GPS technology is an efficient paper-less alternative to conventional methods being used for water distribution system and waste water collection system inspection and maintenance. GPS also supports GIS mapping activities of a utility. The main purpose of this course is to educate the professionals on the basics and applications of GPS technology for water and waste water systems.


  • Achieve a basic understanding of GPS technology
  • Describe GPS relation to GIS
  • Discover the applications of GPS technology
  • Classify the GPS equipment types
  • Identify the GPS survey steps


  • Downloadable course book (70 pages)
    • Color illustrations
    • Interactive activities using education Web sites
    • Interactive activities using education video links
  • Useful resources
  • Downloadable course lectures (PowerPoint slides)
  • Course certificate (upon passing the course quiz)


This is a self-directed course that will require about 8 hours of study. Registered students will receive course material (course book, lecture slides, and quiz) using the media of their choice (paper, CD, or online). After studying the course material, students will be required to take the quiz and email the quiz answers for grading. A passing grade of 70% will be required to obtain a course completion certificate. Each student can obtain up to 60-minute instructor support by phone or email.


Water system professionals responsible for water distribution system operation & maintenance
Wastewater system professionals responsible for collection system operation and maintenance

Training Format: Distance Education as a correspondence course.  After registering for the course and paying the registration fee, you will be mailed the instructions, course material, quizzes, and stamped return envelope.  When paying by credit card online you will receive your materials more quickly, but if the Invoice Me payment option is used, you will need to wait for your materials until we receive your payment. After you receive the materials, then begin your study, and submit the quiz answers as instructed. Those passing the quiz with 70% or higher will receive the course completion certificate. PA DEP will be notified about your course completion status and contact hours.


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