#8868 Hypochlorite Disinfection and Math


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This Hypochlorite Disinfection and Math is a PaDEP approved course for Pennsylvania water and waste water system operators.

This course will cover the essentials of hypochlorite disinfection, including various mathematics principles such as changing percent concentrations, dosage/feed rates, chlorine demand/dose, and CT calculations. This course includes content, with permission, originally developed by the Pennsylvania Department of Environmental Protection (PADEP), Bureau of Safe Drinking Water, Operator Certification Training for PADEP Operator Certification Exam Training Module 25: Hypochlorite.

Training Format
Distance Education as a correspondence course. After registering for the course and paying the registration fee, you will be mailed the instructions, course material, quizzes, and stamped return envelope. When paying by credit card online you will receive your materials more quickly, but if the Invoice Me payment option is used, you will need to wait for your materials until we receive your payment. After you receive the materials, then begin your study, and submit the quiz answers as instructed. Those passing the quiz with 70% or higher will receive the course completion certificate. PA DEP will be notified about your course completion status and contact hours.

Who Should Take the Course?

  • Licensed water and wastewater operators who need DEP approved contact hours
  • Individuals preparing for the PADEP Operator Certification Exam
  • Those preparing for the Subclass 12 Drinking Water Certification Exam (Non-gaseous Chemical Disinfection(Hypochlorite)

Learning Objectives

  • Summarize the uses and properties of hypochlorite
  • Describe the storage, handling and safety concerns when using hypochlorites
  • Summarize hypochlorite feed equipment operation and maintenance
  • Complete dosage math, chlorine demand, and CT calculations for hypochlorite systems


  • Basic Hypochlorite Information
  • Basic Hypochlorite Properties
  • Storage and Handling
  • Safety
  • Regulatory Requirements
  • Chlorination Mechanics and Terminology
  • Feed Equipment
  • Math:
    • Math terms, principles, and rules for solving equations
    • Unit Cancellation steps (unit conversion)
    • Calculation changing % concentration of a chemical
    • Dosage/Feed Rate/Flow
    • Chlorine Demand or Dose
    • CT calculations
  • Over 30 solved examples and practice problems
  • Quiz: 25 multiple-choice questions (70% to pass)
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