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Associate Membership is available to any partnership, corporation, or association that provides goods and services, materials, financial assistance, and other necessary requirements to water and wastewater systems.  Examples include attorneys, engineers, suppliers, financial institutions, or state and federal agencies. Associate Members are non-voting and ineligible to hold a position on the Board of Directors or as an officer of Pennsylvania Rural Water Association.

Membership is based on the year and month joined. Membership begins on the day that PRWA receives a membership application and payment. These dues are not tax deductible.  After you have purchased your Associate Membership, an online account will be created, giving you access to Associate Member Resources, discounted training, event sponsor opportunities, and listing with our Associate Members.

These and other membership benefits are open to everyone who joins the PRWA team of water and wastewater professionals. The benefits gained through our programs easily offset the cost membership dues. We hope you will join us soon!  If you are not 100% satisfied with your membership after one full year, we will refund every cent of your first year's dues! It's a risk-free guarantee!

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