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Course ID: 8532
Water Hours: 3
Wastewater Hours: 3

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Microsoft Excel® and spreadsheets are an essential tool in business and project management, including the water and wastewater utility industry.  The in30minutes®: Excel Basics course is a quick start guide to help water operators and managers understand the basics of spreadsheet use.  LearnH2O has partnered with the i30 Media Corporation to bring you this course.  The goal is to provide core competence so that you can use spreadsheets for calculations and data storage with confidence.

In30Minutes® books are quick guides for a complex world. The first title was published in 2012 as an ebook for the Amazon Kindle and Apple iPad. Since then, publisher i30 Media Corporation has expanded the in30Minutes® series to more than 20 guides, covering topics as diverse as business, software, genealogy, and medicine. Readers can purchase ebook editions or paperback guides.  Learn more about in30Minutes® at

To complete this course you must read the entire book content, complete the book exercises, and pass the online quizzes.  This course also requires access to Microsoft Excel or Google Sheets with Excel 2010 or greater.  You can read the book content online in the course here at LearnH2O.  You can also purchase Excel Basics in30minutes® at if you prefer to own the book.  The online presentation of the book is included with the price of the course and presented in 9 PDF files easily read online.  Whether you read the book online here or purchase a book you must read the book chapter by chapter and also complete the chapter exercises.   Completing each module will require both reading the in30minutes® book and completing the exercises and book chapter quizzes with MS Excel or an alternative spreadsheet software open on your computer.  And then you must successfully pass the corresponding quizzes online here at LearnH2O by purchasing and taking the course below.  We recommend reading the content online here and purchasing the book for handy future reference.

Oh!  Also, the book series from i30 Media Corporation is titled in30minutes®.  However, be aware that this title simply emphasizes that these books are a series of quick start guides and not strictly 30 minutes of content.  In fact this course is a 3 hour course.

This course requires reading with comprehension and passing unit quizzes. Purchase and take the course at

Ian Lamont
Ian Lamont
Trainer / Writer