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Joseph Falcone
Executive Director
Office: (800) 653-7792 x 102
Cell: (814) 404-6866
[email protected]
Joe has been employed with PA Rural Water since 2002 and is currently our Executive Director and Chief Financial Officer. Joe is a graduate of Penn State University’s Smeal College of Business with a Bachelor of Science in Accounting. Prior to joining PRWA, Joe was a credit analyst and corporate banker in Centre County specializing in commercial financing, cash flow management, and financial statement analysis.

Glenn Cowles
Director of Operations / Water Technician
Cell: (814) 360-4072
[email protected]
Glenn has been employed with PA Rural Water since 2004 and is currently a Water Technician. He has held a PA DEP Class AE (subclasses 1 through 14) Water License since 1998. Glenn is a Certified PaWarn First Responder. Glenn has extensive knowledge in regulations, treatment, and leak detection. Prior to joining the PRWA team Glenn was employed with a contracting firm installing water and wastewater systems, followed by being employed by the local municipality where he resides operating and maintaining 2 water treatment plants, distribution system, and wastewater collection system resulting in over 30 years’ experience in the water and wastewater industry.

Joel Jordan
Director of Education
Cell: (814) 360-4077
[email protected]
Joel has been employed with PA Rural Water since 1997 and is currently the Director of Education. Previously, he held the position of Source Water Protection Program Manager and Specialist. Prior to PRWA, he worked as a Sanitarian and Regional Trainer for the PADEP/DEP Northwest Region and at a small-town water/wastewater system in the midwest. Joel’s educational background includes a Bachelor of Science in Biology from University of Illinois-Urbana, Secondary Education Certification from Slippery Rock University and GIS certification from Penn State World Campus. Joel is a Certified PaWarn First Responder.

Stacey Walker
Director of Training & Events
Office: (800) 653-7792 x 108
Cell: (814) 359-8630
[email protected]
Stacey has been employed with PA Rural Water since 2011 and is the Director of Training & Events. Stacey’s roles include manager of office staff, scheduling of all training classes, conferences and events hosted by PRWA and certifications exams.

Matt Bittner
Water Technician
Cell: (814) 574-9212
[email protected]
Matt has been employed with PA Rural Water since 2022 and is currently a Water Technician. Prior to joining the PRWA staff, he gained experience by working at a local municipality where he operated both water and wastewater treatment facilities. He also has experience in installing and maintaining distribution and collection systems. Matt currently holds a PA DEP Class A,E 1-5 wastewater license as well as a class A,E 1-12,15 water license.

Michael Emery
GIS Specialist
Cell: (814) 424-0153
[email protected]
Michael has been employed with PA Rural Water since 2016 and is currently the GIS Specialist. Michael has over 20 years of experience in GIS. Prior to PRWA, Michael worked for a private engineering firm utilizing GIS in the natural and civil engineering divisions, and the Lancaster County GIS Department, helping counties across the Commonwealth. Michael has a B.S in Geography, specializing in cartography and GIS, from Penn State University.

Phil Giunta
Wastewater Technician
Cell: (814) 810-0341
[email protected]
Phil has been employed by PA Rural Water since 2018 and is currently a Wastewater Technician. Phil has over 25 years of experience maintaining various water and wastewater treatment plants and distribution and collection systems, as well as ground maintenance. Phil spent those years in both the municipal and contract operations working in plants from .080 to 1.2 MGD. He is also extensively familiar with both PA DEP and USEPA reporting systems and MS4 regulations. Phil has maintained an A License in both water and wastewater for 20 years.

Tom Goehring
Wastewater Manager / Trainer
Cell: (814) 360-4079
[email protected]
Tom has been employed with PA Rural Water since 2013 and is currently the Wastewater Manager and Wastewater Trainer. Tom started in the wastewater field in 1994 performing plant operations, laboratory DMR and process control testing, and collection system management. He also spent several years with an engineering firm performing environmental work and five years with the State of West Virginia assisting utilities with proper managerial and financial practices. He currently holds a Class A,E 1,2,3,4,5 wastewater license in Pennsylvania and a Class IV wastewater license in West Virginia.

Eric Hartley
Source Water Protection Specialist
Cell: (814) 380-8216
[email protected]
Eric has been employed with PA Rural Water since 2022 and is currently a Source Water Protection Specialist. Eric Hartley was born and raised in Bucks County, Pennsylvania, and has been working with water utilities for 19 years. Eric has been involved with the installation, inspection, and maintenance of water and wastewater systems all over the eastern portion of Pennsylvania. Over time, an appreciation for the importance of a well-run drinking water system has led Eric to his current role.

Chad Heister, CPA
Energy and Sustainability Specialist
Cell: (814) 404-1335
[email protected]
Chad has been employed by PA Rural Water since 2018 and is currently an Energy and Sustainability Specialist. Chad has been in almost every job in the water and wastewater industry since 1997. After college, Chad started as an accounting assistant and field sampler at an environmental laboratory. He was then appointed to the Thompsontown Municipal Authority board, where he would become the chief superintendent at the Thompsontown water and wastewater facilities and at the Meribah Water Company. He later worked as an assistant wastewater treatment plant operator at Silver Spring Township Authority in Mechanicsburg. After completing his Bachelor’s degree, he served as an accountant working with contractors for water and wastewater projects throughout the commonwealth as a Pennsylvania sales tax accountant while earning his CPA certificate. Chad is also a Pa DEP Certified Water Operator class A,E with subclass 7 & 12 and Wastewater Operator class A,E subclass 1 & 4 Operator. Additionally Chad is a Certified Public Accountant.

Rebecca Holler
Stormwater Specialist / Training Technician
Cell: (814) 424-5339
[email protected]
Rebecca has been employed with PA Rural Water since 2020 and is a Stormwater Specialist and Training Technician. Rebecca spent most of her professional life working with non-profits and county government in various environmental fields. She has assisted with various stormwater related projects from design to funding. Additionally, she has served on the board of PA Environmental Educators and has provided training to many diverse audiences. She has worked with many small organizations helping them to grow, meet regulations and accomplish their goals.

Pattie-Jo Horner
Membership Coordinator & Accounting
Office: (800) 653-7792 x 110
[email protected]
Pattie-Jo has been employed with PA Rural Water since 2002 and is the Membership Coordinator & Accounting. Pattie-Jo’s roles include accounts receivable, membership liaison, conference exhibitors, and handling of all training registrations and roster uploads to PA DEP.

Brian Little
Wastewater Technician
Cell: (814) 404-1738
[email protected]
Brian has been employed with PA Rural Water since 2021 and is a Wastewater Technician. Previously Brian worked at the Bradford Sanitary Authority located in McKean County PA, as a Wastewater Operator focusing in laboratory industrial pre-treatment, sludge management, and process control. Brian has 10 years of experience in the wastewater industry while also carrying an Associate’s Degree in Business Administration. Brian has a Pennsylvania Wastewater Class A certification with Subclass 1.

Wendy Malehorn
Training & Education Development
Cell: (814) 571-3547
[email protected]
Wendy has been employed with PA Rural Water since 2015 and is a Training & Education Development Specialist. Wendy’s education includes earning a Bachelor of Science in Public Health with a concentration in Environmental Health from West Chester University in 1996. Wendy earned a PA DEP Class A,E license with subclasses 1 through 14 in 1997 and has worked in operations at both a large surface water system and small ground water systems in the commonwealth. Wendy also worked as a certified trainer for the PA DEP and the Environmental Training Center at the Pennsylvania State University.

Jeff Martin
Controller, IT Specialist
Office: (800) 653-7792 x 106
Cell: (814) 574-7957
[email protected]
Jeff has been employed with PA Rural Water since 2002 and is currently the Controller and IT Specialist. Jeff’s roles include accounts payable, payroll, budgeting, program and contract reporting, database administration, webmaster, and project management. Jeff graduated from PSU with a degree in Agricultural Science. His previous experience includes collegiate missions, and computer programming for the Philadelphia Phillies and the Bank of Paris.

Ryan Orgitano
Source Water Protection Specialist
Cell: (814) 470-9130
[email protected]
Ryan earned a Bachelor of Science in Biology with a focus in Ecology from Lycoming College in 2017. Following graduation, he began a career in wastewater treatment. Ryan held the positions of Operator, Assistant Superintendent, and Superintendent during his time with the Williamsport Sanitary Authority. He is a lifelong Lycoming County resident and is excited to serve systems throughout Pennsylvania. Ryan has a PA DEP Class A,E 1,4 wastewater license and a Class E water license.

Kirstie Taylor
Office Support
Office: (800) 653-7792 x 107
[email protected]
Kirstie has been employed with PA Rural Water since 2017 and is our Office Support.  Kirstie’s roles include answering our telephone, printing and shipping of all training materials and flyers.

Kurtis Wagner
Source Water Protection Manager and Specialist
Cell: (814) 360-4078
[email protected]
Kurt has been employed with PA Rural Water since 2019 and is a Source Water Protection Specialist. He spent the bulk of his time in the non-profit sector over the past decade in managerial and teaching roles. Kurtis originally studied Civil Engineering with an environmental focus at Penn State University. He has a background in academic research and new product evaluation and research. As a lifelong rural Pennsylvania resident, he is equally comfortable in the woods, on a farm, or behind a computer. Kurt brings a desire to grow in the industry for the benefit of others, especially owners, operators, and customers of the many community water systems throughout Pennsylvania as a source water protection technician.

Pete Weaver
Water / Wastewater Technician
Cell: (717) 363-0349
[email protected]
Pete has been employed with PA Rural Water since 2023 and is a Water and Wastewater Technician. He has worked in the water and wastewater industry since 1991. Pete’s experience comes from decades of hands-on operating experience, troubleshooting and maintenance in both industry fields. He currently holds a PA Class A wastewater certification as well as a PA Class B Water certification. Pete also ran an accredited wastewater lab as well as a land application of bio-solids program for sewage sludge disposal. He is also familiar with short- and long-term municipal financial planning as well as project financing, planning, execution, and municipal budgeting.