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Environ Energy Procurement and Consultation

APPI Energy, now operating under the Environ Energy name, has been delighted to support PRWA members since 2018. Throughout this period, their organization has gained a deep understanding of the distinct energy challenges facing our members, along with identifying energy solutions that most effectively align with the industry. With the transition to Environ Energy comes an enhanced ability to cater to the growing needs of PRWA members as it relates to energy efficiency and sustainability projects.

Environ offers PRWA members end-to-end energy and sustainability services to ease the key challenges of energy cost, carbon, and efficiency. The Environ team considers all aspects of your current and future energy usage to help your organization effectively set, meet, and even exceed your efficiency and sustainability goals. Whether your current electricity or natural gas supply contract is ending in the next few months, or a few years out, a 20 minute, no cost, no obligation call with the Environ team can help protect your organization from the current market volatility. An energy assessment is also your chance to explore the additional energy solutions available to your facilities to reduce energy usage and improve sustainability.

To learn more about Environ Energy, please visit their website at or contact them today at [email protected].

Enhanced Energy Solutions:

  • Energy Procurement: Electricity, Natural Gas & Green Power
  • Expanded capability to explore incentives & grants across North America
  • Energy efficiency upgrades and projects
  • ESG Reporting
  • Carbon Accounting
  • Green House Gas Inventories & Reduction Strategies

Contact your Environ Energy Team.

Franks Salisbury

Environ Energy
Phone: (800) 520-6685