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Source Water Protection

The Source Water Protection team assists Community Water Systems by developing and implementing the strategies outlined within source water protection plans. Our team is prepared to assist you regardless of where you are in a Source Water Protection Planning process. We will work with any system interested in protecting its water sources to develop or implement a Source Water Protection Plan to reflect your system’s goals and interests, with no charge for the services provided.

Source Water Protection Planning

Source Water Protection planning process typically involves the following steps:

  • Delineation of watershed or wellhead contribution areas and identification of potential sources of contamination
  • Facilitation of stakeholder meetings
  • Development of mitigation strategies to address contamination concerns
  • Finalization of a free Source Water Protection Plan
  • Implementation of any mitigation strategies determined by the system such as
    • public education and outreach
    • agricultural best management practices
    • community planning initiatives for the protection of water quality
    • stormwater best management practices, etc.

Source Water Protection Services

Our Source Water Protection Services include:

To request onsite technical assistance please call us at (800) 653-7792, or email and a dedicated team member will contact you.

Kurt Wagner

Source Water Protection Manager and Specialist
Pennsylvania Rural Water Association
Cell: (814) 360-4078
[email protected]

Eric Hartley

Source Water Protection Specialist
Pennsylvania Rural Water Association
Cell: (814) 380-8216
[email protected]

Ryan Orgitano

Source Water Protection Specialist
Pennsylvania Rural Water Association
Cell: (814) 470-9130
[email protected]