Call for Courses

Do you have a great course or an idea for a course and want to partner with PRWA?  Apply below!


  • Complete Pages 2 and 3 of this Form and submit to PRWA.
  • Proposals are accepted year-round using this Form.
  • PRWA will respond within a few weeks whether or not your proposal is accepted.
  • If accepted, you will be requested to submit your draft course material for internal PRWA review (see review process below for details).

Special Instructions for Annual Conference Course Proposals:

  • MOST sessions at the PRWA Annual Conference are 3 hours in length.
  • A few Tuesday morning sessions are 2 hours in length.
  • Proposals for other lengths will not be considered for conference.
  • All accepted conference course proposals must be followed by a draft presentation and agenda by August 31st each year.
  • Proposals without follow-up material will not be considered for that year’s conference.

Review Process:

  • PRWA internal review may take 30-60 days.
  • PRWA will respond with a list of revisions/recommendations needed in order to meet PRWA criteria and PADEP guidance for operator Contact Hours.
  • PRWA can provide assistance with revisions and converting your content into a course format and quiz development.
  • Once your revisions are submitted to PRWA, then PRWA will complete the PADEP application for Contact Hours.
  • PADEP will respond with a list of revisions/recommendations needed for their approval.
  • This process usually takes 2-4 months, or longer, if many proposals are received.
  • PRWA only schedules courses after PADEP approval is received.
  • Scheduling is done 3-4 months in advance of event date.

We seek qualified trainers and training material to add to our curriculum. Propose your course below or contact Joel Jordan for more information.

An attachment is required below with a brief description or abstract of your proposed class.

After this course, the student will be able to...
Reminder: Only 2-hour and 3-hour courses will be considered for the PRWA Annual Conference.
Attach a copy of a brief description or abstract on a separate sheet. Contact Joel Jordan to email larger files, 814-360-4077.
Files must be less than 7 MB.
Allowed file types: gif jpg jpeg png txt pdf doc docx ppt pptx xls xlsx mp3 wav.