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Course ID: 1754
Water Hours: 10

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This course introduces the student to the relationship between potable drinking water and health, and the important role the water operator plays in maintaining a safe and ample supply of drinking water. An overall view of the water cycle is presented together with a general description of the responsibilities of water utility personnel and the need for regulation of the water industry to protect the public health, safety, and welfare. A general introduction to the source, characteristics, production, treatment, disinfection, storage, and distribution of potable water is presented, together with instructions on general hazards and safety practices. Basic water chemistry and math skills are developed and applied to the water industry.

The course modules include:

  • Getting Started and Appendix
  • Introduction
  • Operation of the Water Utility
  • Water Characteristics
  • Water Quality Standards
  • Disinfection
  • Groundwater and Wells
  • Surface Water Production
  • Distribution, and
  • Safety

This course requires significant reading with comprehension and passing unit quizzes. Purchase and take the course at