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one (1) Dual Bay CLARION® Gravity Filter Tank with a effluent production rate of 700 GPM. Preliminary sizing is based upon a maximum raw water flow rate of 700 GPM (4.0 GPM/SF). This filter requires a backwash flow of 1,755 GPM at 40 ft TDH (for 20 GPM/SF backwash rate). It also requires an air flow rate of 350 cfm at 6 PSI for filter air scour. The basic unit comes with internals, air blower assembly, valves, controls, two effluent pumps and two backwash pumps.

Everything is UNUSED and provided by Roberts Water Technologies in December of 2022.


Clarion® Model D-175AT Gravity Filter Price One (1) Clarion Model D-175AT Gravity Filter in painted steel tank.

Base System Includes:

Clarion D-175 Dual-Cell Painted Steel Filter Tank

Filter System Internals

Control Valves Isolation Valves

Compressor System

Blower System

Flow Meters

Level Transducers

Pressure Transducers

Sample Pumps

Effluent Pumps

Backwash Pumps


If interested, please email [email protected]

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